I feel therefore I eat


Hi guys, I've just had a bit of a Eureka! moment. I've realised why I put all this weight on. I eat constantly at night. I've been tearing my hair out for a few days (in the evening). Mooching around the house, in and out of the kitchen, opening the cupboards.
(On wednesday I gave in and ate cheese on toast! Didn't lose anything that week).

I'm horrified! I think so far this week I've ended up with my head in the cupboard/fridge/freezer because:
I was angry:mad:
I was tired:(
I was lonely
I was worried:confused:
I was nervous

I feel therefore I EAT!!!!!!

OMG what the hell am I going to do?:eek:
New Mantra is needed here;

I need to eat, therefore I wont, I will come on mini minis with a pint of water and post.

Thats me, the keys on my keyboard have worn out but Im still posting!!!!
hun, once you;ve identified why you eat, just try to come up with things to do to combat those feelings...like when ur angry, i dunno, rip a pice of paper up into tiny pieces, when ur lonely call a friend or log on here, stuff like that....apparently the key to losing weight and keeping it off is finding out why u got there in the first place so wel done u!
I know this is easier said than done...

...but try and look at what caused you to feel angry in the first place and see if there was anyway you could have interpreted the situation to make you feel less bad. If your trigger was that someone behaved inconsiderately towards you, don't "they did that because they don't like me" think "they must have a lot on their plate at the moment to behaved in such a thoughtless way".

When you start to feel lonely, try to turn the situation round to "what an I do with this valuable time on my own" - walk around with a face pack on? Call a friend for an uninterrupted chat, watch a film that wouldn't be to anyone elses taste.

I know I am grossly over simplifying here and it doesn't apply to all feelings (tiredness etc) but if you can try to lessen the extremity of your negative feelings, you could then lessen the impact they have on you.
Great post, Dani!

Working out why we eat when we're angry/sad/tired etc is sooo tricky but it can be done!!

Squidgy, hun - you're human. And we humans are frail creatures at times. However, we also have superhuman strength in times of adversity and when it comes to being on a vlcd lol - you can do this, babes!!

We're all rooting for you!
Thanks Guys. For all your encouragement.

It's just such an inner journey, as well as outward change. It sounds so cheezy but i'm learning about myself!

And I'm gonna do this, And I'm gonna get healthy,

And like Ladykeltic(I think) I may just rediscover myself?

cheers peeps, just keep swimming, just keep swimming......:)