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Remember the insult I got from a member of staff in ASDA?-
for those of you that dont know- I wanted to try on a watch in asdas and one of the staff said I had big wrists and another said it wouldn't fit me because they are for slim wristed people !!!!

Well I got a letter back saying that they have had words with staff and for my troubles they included a £5.00 gift card - so my insult was worth a fiver :mad::mad:
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I dunno - some places would have simply said sorry, at least they gave you something!! I mean, ok the woman was incredibly rude and out of order, but what more could they have done?
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hey a fivers a fiver i would have been impressed they had bothered to write back


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I agree... they showed a gesture of goodwill, that's pretty good... Take the voucher and put it towards a little treat for yourself. All's well that ends well. :)


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Some people are just so rude and insensitive! Me and my friend went into Coast in Cardiff one day and the tiny girls that worked there looked down their noses at us and smirked. We were disgusted by their attitude and just walked out.

At least you got something for it, they could have just apologised
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yup id agree a fivers better than nothing x
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yea at least you got your apology for the rude remarks, some people are jsut so damn rude


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I've seen somewhere online a suggestion to print out on credit-card sized bits of cardboard (business cards i guess) a message saying "this would have been a credit card if you stocked my size" and handing it to shops that only cater for smaller sizes, especially ones like that.


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I was in asda recently and stood in a big dog poo !! i was tired and had a lond day and burst into tears , after all you dont expect that when you shop ..seems there was a guide dog in and it had a poo...anyway we went to find someone to tell them and i didnt even get an apology or a cloth to wipe my shoes ..it was awful...

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