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  1. need-to-lose

    need-to-lose Full Member


    This morning i gave up my diet after 12 days, i was feeling so ruff, misrable and just wanted sum food as i was feeling so weak. I have failed i thought i was doing good there was 1 day since i started when i felt alive full on energy but that feeling did not last with me next day i was feeling same awful.

    I thought long and hard i did want to lose the weight but i could not cope anymore physically or mentaly i am a wimp i have let myself down and my poor hubby was supportive so i have let him down. Wish i had the same will power as u guys out there.

    Just want to wish all the best to all of u who are doing so well i wish i could have been a part of your team.

    thanks for everything

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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Hi Ali

    I'm sorry you are feeling so rough. I hope you have made the right decision for you, and please stick with the forum - there are WW, SW, Paul McKenna etc, so you don't have to disappear.

    Wishing you all the best for whatever you do next

    DQ ;)
  4. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    Well I am sure it is a decision that you have thought lots about and is right for you so don't think you are a failure.

    I wish you luck with whatever course you decide to take for your weight loss :)
  5. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Listen all is not lost. You can start again. You stuck with it for 12 days so you can do that again. Start again - don't give up.

  6. charmed.wishes

    charmed.wishes Full Member

    Hiya Ali,

    I'm sorry you have had such a rubbish time on this diet.. I hope you find a road that is suitable for you.. chin up, you will find a way to lose those troublesome pounds :)
  7. lelly

    lelly Full Member

    Hiya Ali,

    So sorry you were having a bad time with the CD, I have been the same, feeling awful, so I can understand where you are coming from.

    Anyway just wanted to say that you are not a failure as it is really hard.

    Good Luck in what you choose to do next.

  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Ali,

    You have done 12 days and I think that goes to show you have tried very hard.

    Please don't give up on the whole idea of losing weight seeing how you have made it this far.

    Have you thought of perhaps doing one of the steps along with the packs or looking about doing another diet like WW/SW/RC.

    Whatever you decide whether it is a vlcd/slimming club/or home made diet never forget we are here to support you.

    God knows I tried so many diets myself, always starting on a Monday and ending on a Wednesday most times.

    I am glad that I have never given up and won't either no matter how many times I fall.

    Give yourself credit for what you have done already.

    Love Mini xxx
  9. Pelepeg

    Pelepeg Full Member

    I don't think I need to say any more to you do I? You know I'm on the end of a phone for you. Just don't disappear off the board as people here will support you whatever you do next.

    P. :cool: xx
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  10. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

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    Hi Ali,:)

    Sorry you have had a tough day hun. We've all had them,truly:)

    Can I just say that we don't all have willpower all of the time.
    Willpower may get you started but I believe it is the support system of other people who understand, that WILL keep you going....to your goal.

    *You're not a wimp.:D
    *You are human.:D
    *You haven't let anyone down.:D

    I certainly hope you ARE STILL PART OF THE TEAM??

    You are with people who truly understand how difficult this can be. I hope you stay with us and let us support you in whichever way you choose to lose weight and be yourself.

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  11. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Ditto to what Isis said....were all here because we want to lose weight or have lost weight, it doesnt matter wat kind of diet you are doing, we will always support you
  12. Happe

    Happe escaping the fat

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    Please dont leave us Ali, there are other plans you can try that will give you good results. Speak to your councellor about the 790 or 1000 plan they may suit you better. You havent failed if you dont give up trying.
  13. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    This is exactly what I had to do. 790 suits me well and I feel better on it. I do hope to SS at some point soon, but for now I feel better and I'm 3st 10lbs down.
    Don't give up completely hun. You can find a way whether its a different plan or diet.
    We're right behind you

    Kitty xxx
  14. need-to-lose

    need-to-lose Full Member

    awwww thanks alot u guys u all are soo soo sweet, i cant belive i gave up after even tho i had all u guys with me, i just feel terrible. I have been going mad thinking all day did i do the rite thing, should i have carried on but then the way i felt i dont think i could have done.

    KittyB u said u are doing 790 plan does that mean u have a meal and 2 shakes wat sort of loss do u have on that plan, can that also be done with slim fast or not? i could not stomach the shakes anymore last few days i was gagging everyting i had a shake so that did not help.

    i am sooo confused so depressed i feel like i am stuck dont know wat to do how to get rid of this weight. I want to lose this weight but i have so lil will power to carry on VLCD i thought i would have succssed this time as i wanted it so bad but yet agian no go.

    thanks u very very much for your replies i will be reading and posting here for all those ppl who are doing so so well.

  15. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Don't give up and leave us. We can help you
    Irene xx
  16. mrs tweedy

    mrs tweedy Regular Member

    Ali please please don't leave us, it doesn't matter what diet you are following or even if you aren't following a diet at all, we'd all still love to read your posts.

    790 is 3 shakes and a small protein / veg meal (also I think you can have sk milk too? somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

    What was it about the shakes was it the actual taste or was it more psychological and that you felt you couldn't do it so your body was reacting physically? If it was the flavours have you tried the others, or even the bars and tetras?

    Hun whatever you decide to do, don't leave the site xx
  17. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    I can only reiterate what everyone else has said. Don't leave the boards - we are here for you. Some journeys take a little longer, but with your obvious determination, you will get there!
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  19. need-to-lose

    need-to-lose Full Member

    i will not leave u guys i will still post and read this forum is a part of my life i was reading messages on this forum months b4 i started my diet and i intend to do so in the past.

  20. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    I must admit I admire anyone who can stick to CD or one like it. Id love to for the results but know its not for me.

    Why not try WW or something similar, the WW forum is picking up theres not lots of us but the support and help is great, and better than anything Ive had going to classes
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