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I give in

S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
sorry they are not working for you, i have only had a good experience with these tablets, they have helped me alot, i guess that maybe they dont work for everyone!! Why dont you try again and just stick to the 5g per 100g rule, and drink plenty of water, if you dont like water add juice!! Have you been eating enough calories? as if you dont this can stop you losing weight!!


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S: 12st11lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(7.26%)
hi deedee
im having slow losses too, i saw a nutritionist last week (who ive been seeing for awhile due to medication i take) and she gave me lots of info about zenical, my gp who gave me the pills gave me none! anyways, i dont know how much you have to lose, i have about 40lbs to lose and she told me because its not that much my weight loss will be slower than someone who has alot more to lose, i have had some side effects, although they havent been that bad, the first week i lost 4lb then none week 2 and 3, week 4 i decided to up my fat intake which was between 10 and 12g a day on week 2 and 3 and i have lost 5lb this week, also i havent been sticking to the 5/100g a day rule as my nutritionist has loads of info on zenical from the manafacturer and we couldnt find anything regarding this rule, and she'd never heard of it, she advised me the 5g rule is a goverment recommendation but no food is off limit as long as you eat in moderation, and everything you eat should be included in your 45g fat allowance, i certainly havent had any nasty effects from straying outside of that rule, i didnt count ant calories last week either, and i feel a whole lot better, im not constantly feeling constipated or bloated, and i have loads of energy.
i think you have to play with these pills a bit and find what works for you. good luck with your weight loss x
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
so glad you found a way to make it work for you wednesday, i had never heard of the rule till i read it on here, but now i am too afraid to go out of it :( just in case i get the side effects, i think its brilliant that you are getting the help of a nutritionist!!


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S: 12st11lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(7.26%)
thanks rach, i was a bit afraid to stray outside of it too, lol, but what she said did make sense, in that, im not going to give up eating something that isnt in the "5g rule" for the rest of my life so there is no point giving them up for the time i am on zenical, because when i stop taking them and its "ok" to eat outside of the rule, i wouldnt have learned anything, so rather than give them up completely i am learning to eat them in moderation, also with my calorie/fat intake being so low, she said when my weight loss starts to plateau, i need to reduce the calorie/fat intake again, and with it being 1200/10-15g as it was, where could i take that?
my nutritionist is great, ive been seeing her for awhile because i have to take alot of medication which affects my diet in general.
you, by the way are doing brilliantly with your weight loss, well done girly!!!!!


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S: 12st11lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(7.26%)
taken from the zenical website, where i have not seen the 5g rule either....
How much fat should I have?

It depends on your calorie needs -- a 500- to 1000-calorie reduction from usual daily intake is generally recommended to achieve weight loss in overweight and considerably overweight people. In addition to watching your calories, you will also need to watch the number of fat grams you consume. It doesn't take much to achieve the total number of fat grams you will need daily. For example, you will get up to half that total number if you pick the leanest choices from each food group and add no fat to your foods in preparation or at the table. The challenge comes in deciding how to use the additional fat in your daily diet. You may want to have foods from the major food groups that are higher in fat -- such as whole milk. Or you may want to use the fat in cooking or at the table in the form of spreads, dressings or toppings.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that we limit fat in our diets to about 30% of our daily calories. This amounts to 40 grams of fat in a 1200-calorie diet, 47 grams in a 1400-calorie diet, 53 grams of fat in a 1600-calorie diet, 60 grams of fat in an 1800-calorie diet, and 67 grams of fat in a 2000-calorie diet.

In general, foods that come from animals -- milk and meat groups -- are naturally higher in fat than foods that come from plants except for avocados, olives and nuts. But there are many low-fat dairy and lean meat choices available, and high-fat foods can be prepared in many lower-fat ways, such as broiling or steaming.

Fruits, vegetables and grain products are naturally low in fat. But many popular items, such as French fries and croissants, are prepared with fat, making them higher-fat choices.

Are some fats worse than others?

Yes. Too much saturated fat raises blood cholesterol levels in many people, increasing their risk for heart disease. The Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting saturated fat to less than 10% of calories, or about one third of total fat intake.

All fats in foods are mixtures of three types of fatty acids:

  • Saturated fats are found in largest amounts in fats from meats and dairy products, and in some vegetable fats, such as those found in coconut, palm and palm kernel oils.
  • Monounsaturated fats are found mainly in olive, peanut and canola oils.
  • Polyunsaturated fats are found mainly in safflower, sunflower, corn, soybean and cottonseed oils, and in some fish.
Choose fat from a variety of sources, but mostly from those foods that are higher in monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat.

How can I check my diet for fat?

If you want to be sure you have a low-fat diet, you can count the grams of fat in your daily food choices and compare them to the number of grams of fat suggested for your calorie level.

The following tables list commonly used foods for each food group and the amount of fat in each. Only a few of the thousands of foods we eat are listed. However, the tables will give you an idea of the foods from each food group that are higher and lower in fat.

A green circle that appears next to the food item means that food item is one of the lowest-fat choices you can make in that food group.

How can I reduce dietary fat?

Here are 10 tips to help you begin reducing the fat in your diet to around 30%.

  1. Read nutrition and ingredient labels on all foods that you buy. Check the kinds and amounts of fat they contain, making sure to use unsaturated vegetable oils and margarine that list a liquid vegetable oil as the first ingredient on the label.
  2. Choose foods from the lower-fat food groups most often. Avoid prepackaged, processed and fast foods, which are usually high in fat -- especially saturated fats.
  3. Include more grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  4. Choose lean meat, poultry without skin, fish, and dry beans and peas.
  5. Limit your portions.
  6. Cook with less fat by using vegetable oil spray instead of butter or margarine.
  7. Prepare meats in low-fat ways:
    • Trim away all the fat you can see.
    • Broil, roast or boil instead of frying.
  8. Limit intake of butter, margarine, gravy, high-fat salad dressings and baked goods.
  9. When dining out, ask how foods are prepared and request that they be prepared with little or no added fat.
  10. Replace whole-milk dairy products with nonfat or reduced-fat items, such as 1% milk, nonfat yogurt, and low-fat ice cream and cheese.
  11. If I take XENICAL, can I eat whatever I want?
    The XENICAL dietary guidelines do not place any particular food out of bounds. But you may not be able to eat a lot of a particular food if it is high in calories or, especially, if it is high in fat.
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S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
Thanks wednesday, not easy as you know but i will get there eventually!!

your nutritionist is great, (i guess thats why she is a nutritionist) Its probably someone we should all see when we start the xenical!! Your lucky to have her for advice, Not so lucky because its from an illness though, sorry to hear this!!


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S: 18st5lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 4st3lb(22.96%)
iya everyone I haven't read everything so after exercising will come back and read....with regards to the 5g rule for all those prescribed Xenical you can find a lot of information at the following link...you will need your batch number to register which can be found on the box....I have copied and pasted the 5g rule below which you can find on the site !!


Always Read the Label

There are certain types of food that tend to be high in fat, so it is a good idea to minimise the amounts of these ‘problem foods’ in your diet. They include: cheese, full-fat milk, pastries cakes, take-away food, fast food; and fatty red meat. You should replace these foods with low-fat alternatives like: fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meat, and cereals.

In addition to this, you should read the label on foods to find out how much fat they contain. Make sure you look at the fat content per 100g, this will make it easier to compare foods that come in different sizes and weights.

Try to select foods that contain less than 5g of fat per 100g.

In addition to watching the fat, you should aim to reduce the sugar and salt content in your diet as well as increase your fibre intake. You will find all this information on the label, or by looking online.

Will read and chat to you all soon



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S: 18st5lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 4st3lb(22.96%)
Some of the ingredients I use are above the 5g rule if I follow the Alli diet plan recipes but as they are such small amounts no side affects are felt........

speak soon :)


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S: 12st11lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(7.26%)
hi sharon, hope all is going well for you!!!
1 thing i think we can all be sure on is that u need 45g or less of fat a day lol, but i do feel that the pills affect everybody differently, what affects 1 person may not affect another, its just a case of trial and error, ive had alot of foods over the 5g rule and not had any side effects, until yesterday when i had over 45g of fat and boy did i have bad wind hahaha, am now waiting patiently for the oil slick :eek: (sorry tmi ;)) anyways i wish everybody great success and may we all continue losing for as long as it takes.......just with me it looks like its gunna take a lot longer im not just battling my weight im battling a metabolism problem caused by me medication :banghead::banghead: but knowing that, if i can just manage to lose 1lb a week from now on, i will be a very happy girl
take care everyone hope u have a great day!!


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S: 18st5lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 4st3lb(22.96%)
Hiya Deedee and Wednesday,

all is well with me this :)
I think although these guidelines have been set...it is trial and error per person ...as I say I do use ingredients that are over the 5g rule by following alli recipes.......I generally go between 5-10g and haven't had a bad reaction... my fat allowance a day is not bad....
The only reason I don't go upto the 45g is that although Xenical will block a good proportion a larger amount of fat will enter the body......
Wednesday its hard when you are dealing with a metabolism problem also but you are doing truly wonderful :)
Deedee don't be disheartened before you do anything how many calories are you mean't to be eating ? write everything you eat down as its surprising that sometimes people aren't eating as much as they think !!
Do you exercise ? if so what are you doing? Have you taken your measurements as the scales can't tell you everything :)

I hope everyone has a great day :)