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I got dumped :(


I will be skinny again!!!


Positivity is the key
How stupid is he - but good for you for not giving into that big mac feeling. At least you found out now he is stupid, before you waste any more time on him. Great to hear your humour coming out, it will keep you going over the next while. Not to be patronising, but the mom in me would like you to know you are a beautiful girl with a great smile and once you are ready to be with someone else, there will be a queue. don't let the ******* get you down


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you chick!

Yep im just gonna keep myself busy busy busy!!

And its my birthday at the end of may.. Celebrating it on the 6th of june so gonna treat myself to a gorgeous birthday dress and a new hair do and maybe even some new make up :) (after pay day ofcourse)

Ill show him :p lol!


Here we go again!
Sorry to hear that Chels!

From what you've said about him before, you are way too good for him anyway. The men will be flocking when they know you are single.

Good for you for not giving in and having the sugar free jelly.

You are a lovely girl, gorgeous and really funny so don't fret about being by yourself cos you wont be for long!


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awww chels :hug99: :hug99:

he doesnt know what hes doing letting an amazing girl like you go! but ya know what you will probably be better off without him :)

and big WELL DONE for not comfort eating :) im very proud of you girl and you should be very proud of yourself too :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Plenty more fish in the sea...just make sure it aint battered :) bombom! well done you for resisting the call of a Big Mac


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol! Me and Donna were talking about this earlier, she said she "there are plenty more fish in the sea.. I was like.. "im fed up of fish... I want Moby dick" lol

And then we decided if he phones me I have to say, Im sorry I want Moby not you lol!
Hey Chels so sorry hun, isn't it odd though after all you have acheived????

Well done for not eating you have passed the biggest test, fab

Anna x
just tell him you are too busy having a 'whale' of a time!
Aww so sorry chels, he must be mad :eek:
You're gorgeous, funny and loyal by the way you have stuck with this program and succeeded so well. Well done for not eating with your emotions and don't worry, when word gets around you're single again I am sure you will be beating them off with a stick xx
chels if he can let someone as pretty as you walk out of his life the bloke is a knob head and is not worth you you watch how many blokes will be buzzing round you now ,now they know you are single and funny as it seems it could be a few of his mates thats what happend to me when i split from my ex many moons ago been in relationship with a lovely man 12 yrs older than me since and well 7 yrs and two kids later we got engaged xmas day so when you least expect it mr right will come along xxxxxxxxxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol thanks guys!!

Better get my stick ready eh? lol!!!


Bring on the trumpets
Hey lovely lady....he probably can't handle a good looking hot babe......it's his loss xxx


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Sorry to hear that Chels.
I'm not a psychologist but I have heard about this many times especially after a woman loses weight -it seems to me that some men can't cope with having a beautiful and intelligent woman in their life, I guess it makes their own insecurities worse! To coin a cliched phrase...'It wasn't you it was him!'
So hold your head up girl, be proud of who you are and what you have achieved because right now you really do have the world at your feet. So just you go out and do whatever you want to do in life!
Go get 'em honey! And don't forget totell us all about it!!! xxx


Bring on the trumpets
Mrs DannyDyer.........Love ya stats...lol


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Chelly, you're fab and he's a drip!! So don't worry. To be honest, this is perfect timing, you've done your diet. You're a brand new you if that makes sense, so enjoy being single for a while and just have fun fun fun with the girls and party on! :D:D:D You don't need a slimy toad like him anyway x x


One last chance
Sorry to hear about that, but I'm proud of you for not comfort eating and keeping positive :) :hug99: it'll be fine hunny


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Silly Sod ...... still ... he's made the way clear for Mr Right ... xx

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