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I had a dream about all of you!!!


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Ok, this is totally cheesy but I just remembered I had the wierdest dream about each and everyone of you!!

So there's this CD reunion on a beach in Brighton (go figure - Ive never been there but in the dream the logic was 'oh it's midway for everyone' - 'not for me!' I said :)) ANYWAY

So it's like a year or so from today and we're all meeting in life for the first time - putting faces to the names we've known here for months and months.

The MC of the event is this guy who I believe is on here - the guy who plays the guitar in his Avatar? I'm blanking on the name: but he's got a blog that I've been reading which is probably why he was in my subconsious as being a pretty well-qualified MC.

So anyway, we're all introducing ourselves, and there's Broxi and Witchy and eyesontheprize and Starry and Sunshine Singer and many many many others and when each is introduced we're all cheering and saying 'thank you, you gave me so much hope' etc.

And we're all happy in the physical state we're in (all slim!!!) and in our swimsuits.

Someone asks me how I did and I'm all excited and say 'I LOST 10lbs!!!'
LOL! You'd think I'd have lost more weight in my dreams.

Anyway it was a great dream - funny I was probably on the site right before sleep.

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ha ha. I hope I was very skinny in your dream and that I had lost a lot more than 10lb! I think we are all obsessed with this diet, this forum and each other just now. I'm on here as much as I can be- not so good for my marriage! - or maybe it is- he's getting peace! I just know I need the support on here so much cos I couldn't do it without everyone! xxx
Thats funny ive been having slim dreams for last couple of weeks, cant wait for it to be true.

Did i Look good in my cozy haha


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Very soon your dream will be reality! Well, the bit where we're all slim, anyway! And if we don't meet in real life, we can have a virtual slim meet here - all dressed in our cossies! lol


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lol! I know, right?! :)
Actually even a real life reunion would be fun.

Look at me having dreams and such - Ive only been here a month -bini-come-lately *blushes*
Real would be fun we can all celebrate together:)


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That is such a lovely dream!!!

This forum means so much to me already - and I think by then end of my diet it will mean everything to me!!!

It would be fun to meet up - and have a good day laughing, chatting and celebrating ourselves!!!

I might have to go and pick a lovely swinsuit to slim into.......

Love to you all!!!



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Thats a great dream!! I am obsessed with this forum too - even if i don't post much... I am always reading and learning from you all!
Me too, its my first point of call in a morning, lunch time and night.

Sunshine Singer

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Awwwwwwwwwww this is so lovely.I'm very flattered that i was in your dream. :) At first I must say, I was dreaming about posts and more posts. funny!!!! Maybe one day we will all meet up when we're all where we want to be xxx

ps- hope you're havin ga great weekend x


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I went though a stage of dreaming about what I did before I went to sleep - it took me nearly a month to realise and stop play tetris before I went to sleep!! They where some messed up dreams!! Wouldn't mind dreaming about you lot though you're all lovely - cue- awwww.......


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Oh, a minimins reunion would be great.

My vote would be for New York City....sleeping bags at Binibikinis!!!!!!:D

.....note to self, need big lottery win! :rolleyes:


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LOL!!!!!Ive just seen this! Was away for the last few days! :)
What a fun idea! Sunning ourselves in The Hamptons (dahling) in our bikinis ;)

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