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I had to cancel my monthly subsription


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She could have taken it as a holiday week! I think you get 2 a year. Not sure how that would work with a monthly pass. Not sure how the holiday weeks work with a monthly pass though you'd need to ask. Bummer to make you cancel when you're advising them in advance!


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Yea I said I have a holiday in September and they said cancel it so it ends the week you go and then re join. They cant add in holidays as it's dd.

Bit stupid really. Annoying as I really rely on the ww app. X
If you're using the app and rely on it you'd surely be best just keeping your subscription? Yes you'll be paying for meetings you're not going to but you'll still have access to all the online stuff. Or, just change to online esource instead of monthly pass if you really don't want to pay for missed weeks. I don't understand why you have to cancel completely?


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How strange! I've missed a dew classes and no one has said anything to me??? I pay monthly and frankly, it's up to me if I miss a week or not. I wouldn't cancel my membership because of it x


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pudnpie said:
and you can go to any meeting and as many meetings as you want to with a monthly pass. It is a pass for a month and not a fee for one weekly meeting. You wouldn't ask for a refund on your bus pass if you did't use it for a day :)
Not asking for a refund! Wanted to be entitled to my 2 weeks holiday like every other paying member and said to cancel te membership! X
:wavey: Hi there Fatty no more
I really think that you have been given incorrect information. You are not obliged to go to any meeting if you have purchased a monthly pass. You can also go to as many meetings as you want in a 7 day period but you can only weigh once.

I would strongly recommend that you contact WW via the on-line help. There is no way you should be told to cancel the DD just because you are not attending a class. I believe that the staff at your meeting have misunderstood your request.


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Ive wondered about this as well but figure that monthly is cheaper anyways and by only paying £12ish for the first month, ive offset holiday time? i couldnt go without calc or esource for a day so wouldnt cancel but its up to you. you only need to consider what is going to be most worthwhile for you. xxx


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Heva2015 said:
From reading this I think Fatty (no offence) meant that they wanted their two weeks holiday and in turn only pay half the monthly subscription and as such was told that the only way to do this is to cancel and rejoin...am I wrong?
Yup that's right.

What I have done is print off some daily menus as I mainly eat the same sort of things and will use that Till I rejoin. X

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