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I hate eating again


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Hi just thought I'd update you with my refeed week. Well I'm not happy :( I would rather have the shakes... I never feel hungry and although the food tastes good I don't look forward to it at all.

I must be a really odd person but I love having my shake in the morning. I feel paranoid about weight gain too :eek:

Also yesterday I felt so sick and really poorly. The only thing I had different was baked potato and low fat natural yogurt. My body reacted really badly to either not sure which one and not sure I want to find out :cry:

Oh well I'm sure you don't want to listen to me whinging about eating - sorry guys xxx
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It's so hard and I guess it will just take time. I am on day 5 on refeed and I also love my morning shake! It just makes life easy not having to think about food. it is scary eating but if we change our habits we will be fine! You are doing so well, I hope you are feeling better than yesterday. x


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Sorry to hear you are not enjoying eating....but you are describing, I think, what a lot of people actually go through. I remember my first time refeeding...I didnt want to, but I was going on holiday and was almost at goal..but I hated food and I enjoyed my shake too.

In time you will learn to appreciate food and hopefully learn new habits to enable you to maintain and even lose more.

Can I ask, why you are refeeding? Hope you dont mind me asking..it is just that it shows on your ticker that you have a bit more to lose? Was just wondering.

Dont stress and try and relax about the refeeding....it is so important to refeed too, so dont skip meals or go off track as it is so easy then to go on that slippery slope.

Just looked at your photos and you have done incredibly well!! Well done!!!!!!

Take care


Here we go again!
Sorry you're not enjoying the food Catt but it will get easier. I think most of us are the same, we grow to love the shakes and hate it when we don't have them. It's just so much easier, not having to think about what we can eat and when and how much etc.

You will be fine eating, especially on holiday and then when you come back you can come straight back on the shakes and lose the rest of the weight that you want gone.


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I cant wait to come back and see how you are getting on Bev oooo I bet you will be close by then hunny - wishing you lots of luck :) xxx

Hi Scotsmist :) Yeah it's my holiday I'm refeeding for. I could not stay on tfr as the need to be on the loo so much would drive me insane!!! Plus I think I would feel too deprived which would be bad for my mindset.

I am hoping to stay as positive and focussed as I am now and make good food choices. I will definitely be back on LT as I am going to my friends wedding in Cyprus in September which gives me a big incentive to continue. Plus I have genuinely enjoyed being on it and can honestly say it has not been a struggle.

I am actually looking forward to coming back on it. Thanks for your encouragement and advice xxx

Thanks Curleytop I am feeling a lot better. I wish you well with your refeed and congrats on your fab weight loss xxx

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