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I hate having a cold !!!!


Otherwise known as Jools
Hiya all,

Just thought that I would come on for a moan as I am feeling crappy today.

I cannot stop sneezing, my nose is running so much I feel like I need trainers on to catch it, my nose is sore (I have used so much Vaseline on my nose its shiny!!! ) and I could be a contender for Rudolph already, I have a headache and all I crave is something nice and comforting to eat - dont care what just something. People at work will not let me go to the canteen for a bowl of chips !! meanies ;) lol

One good thing is that my throat is not so sore today after lots of hot sweet coffee. I tried Peppermint Tea to see if the mint might permeate into my senses and improve things - but no such luck there.

Anyone got any ideas what else I can take/do to clear this up more quickly. I was wondering if the Chicken Shake has the same "healing" properties that normal chicken soup has !!! lol
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I cant help with the getting rid of it hun, as im in the same boat. Had a sore throat for 2 days and yesterday i just lay in bed all day! Im back at work today but im so bunged up and drained its horrible. Good thing is because i cant breathe out of my nose i cant tast anything, so i am not craving anything! in fact it has taken me alot to force my beloved strawberry shake down me at lunch (i love the strawberry shakes! yummy!)
Hope we feel better soon!!

Hugs n sniffles! lol
I personally don't like coffee when i have a cold. But I think that black tea 9very weak) has wonderful comforting and soothing properties :)

You can have your shakes with hot water of course. Maybe a hot choc would be a nice change in the evenings snuggled up in a big jumper :)


A little of everything!
I'm in the same boat! I've been drinking lots of black tea to ease my throat. The pains easing off a bit (5 days later!) but I still have no voice, though some see that as a good thing...?:p

I've been having the soup everyday just to have something 'warm' to eat. I don't know about it's healing qualities, but it makes me feel cosier! LOL!:D
I Think i will give the black tea a whirl, just for something warm. I tries a "hot chocolate" last night and i really didnt like it! I have decided i only like the shakes cold with lots of ice! lol The hot choc just didnt taste right! I might get some chicken soup next week, as the previous time i had the soup i hated it! :-( only prob with having loads of ice in your shakes is that it makes you soooo cold!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Gosh all these poor creatures stuffed up and miserable. Hope you all feel a bit better soon. Can't offer any better advice, just want to wish you all better soon.
Aww sorry to hear you have the cold Jools. I know this isn't much help but *hugs*

The people at your work are the best (not letting you succumb to evil artery clogging, greasy, life destroying chips) :D

Take some paracetamol, keep cosy and warm, and get plenty of rest and relaxation. Hope you feel better soon
agree that the shakes hot can be a bit of an acquired taste :) the vanilla+coffee is prob preferable to the choc.

anyone tried hot strawberry?!


A little of everything!
anyone tried hot strawberry?!
Euwwww! LOL! Not unless it comes with a dollop of cream on top! :p

I've only this week got a 'taste' for the choc hot. I couldn't stand it hot before, but since I was dosed I tried it with 2 sweeteners & it wasn't bad?
LOL, the cream sounds a welcome addition :)

I am soooooooo cold all the time, i really fancy a hot shake in the evenings but am in a hotel all week with no blender. when i get back home on saturday i am having a hot choc for dinner and a hot latte for breakfast, just because i can!!!


Otherwise known as Jools
I'm not brave enough to try any of the 'cold' ones hot. My cold has moved to my sinuses right now and I sound like I am down a drain or something lol. I'm hoping it passes very soon as I have got a week off work next week and want to spend the time shopping for new clothes etc not lying in my sick bed :D

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