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HI ALL i have a bit of a problem well all i have left is the chic soup and its making me eve i really cant stomach it at the mo ive only had 1/2 a choc shake this morn cause thats all i had left of the shakes i get weighed tuesday morn so ill have to try and put up with it till then but theres no way im having it for breakfast tomorrow so what can i do!!! go without ???
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OH Monique, have you tried spicing them up a little with some chilli and pepper?
How about if you had the soup mid morning...feels a bit like brunch then instead of breakfast
no cause i dont like spices :O( im just stuck!! i threw up yesterday after havin one and it seems the smell of certain food is making me sick too(im not pregnant lol) im only going to have the choc shake from now on and try the peanut bar see what they are like ive tried the coconut and it was vile so ill try the peanut now theres nothing i can do ill just hold me nose and gulp it down if i throw up so be it i wont feel hungry then will i lol but im not giving in not now im motivated to do this now its took me a while to get in to it but i feel like i can do this now thanks golden girl xx


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Dont add anything to them!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not supposed to!

If you can get through having them today then go to the chemist first thing tomorrow morning and swap them. Most chemists allow this :)


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Hi there - what about the vanilla with coffee from Tuesday ?

Also - what about just adding a little spices to make the soup better ?


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Ahhh what is it with adding things that you shouldnt to the soups?!! lol

I think maybe try get atleast one of everything from the chemist so you can try it all and see what you like.

Once you found one/two things you like stick to them untill you get 'bored' of them then maybe try something again as yer taste pallette changes over time.
ive NEVER added anything to my soup or shakes i no ur not supposed to so i dont not even coffee and i no ur allowed to with that but i wont i dont like the soup cant stomach it its making me ill but i will swap in the morn thanks summerxx


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Yes I agree with summer go and swap them tomorrow, the flapjacks are an acquired taste. On my first try eeek it was horrible but persevered and now I dont mind the peanut ones drink plenty of water with them. I liked chic soup for the first couple days, then I just could not stand the smell. Just get shakes and try one flap jack then you not be stuck if you decide you dont like them.

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