I hate what songs do sometimes... (sensitive)


Basically i lost my mum to cancer in 2005. She was my best friend and everything to me as i didn't have any other family, so obviously i'm still upset about it all, even if i do get on with my life.

I was in the kitchen making a quiche just now and a song came on the radio about losing a parent and that and i started crying, i just feel awful now, it's a bit like "Well what's the point of everything" and i just want to reach for the chocolate and crisps...
So i've shut the kitchen door and i'm in the living room on the laptop typing this frantically to stop myself...

Got WI tonight which i'm anxious about anyway and now i just can't be bothered with all this. :cry:

Sorry for whinging.... xxxx
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I'm so sorry for your loss :hug99:

You may feel an urge to comfort yourself with food, but that wasn't your first action, coming on here was. This is where you can get comfort now, you don't need food for that purpose anymore...be strong, and there is always someone here to help you stay strong :)


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i lost my mum in 2005 so i know just how your feelin...........don't cheat now, don't blow it..........get strong for ya mum, cos she would want u to be slim and healthy.......do it for ya mum....xxx


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aww poor love you did the right thing coming to the comp rather than grabbing biscuits though i hope you feel a little bit better now it's never nice when you lose someone you love but chin up XXX bloody stupid songs XX you stay happy i'm sure your weighin will go great.


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Aww hun, I'm so sorry to hear that. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 also, even though she is now ok I still have nightmares about the possibility of losing her. I can't imagine what you must be going through, but we are all here to support you.

You've done the right thing, come on here and talk to us. Songs can be really powerful sometimes and as much as we try to hide our feeling away, they have to be released.

So have a good cry and remember your Mum, but think about how much she'd want you to be happy xxxx


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I agree, food will only make you feel better while it's in your mouth but you'll feel worse after. Stay on track for your weigh in, so sorry to hear you're down hun :hug99:x x


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Awww B I lost my mum to cancer in 2005 as well so I know what you are going through. I'm glad you came on here to us rather than turning to the crisps etc.

Take care
Hugs Sue


Thanks everyone, i'm just sitting here with tears in my eyes, i'm not as strong as everyone thinks i am...
I usually act so happy so i hate being like this but i can't help it... xxx


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I lost my dad in 2001 and i totally get where you are coming from, i get upset when i hear specific songs i cannot listen to amazing grace or morning has broken at all!!!
i chose a song that when i hear it i have only happy thoughts and i dedicate it to my dad, i even recorded me singing it!
"there you'll be" by faith hill

grief is a funny thing love you never totally get though it, you learn to handle it
don't beat yourself up about wanting to raid the cupboards or the fridge if you are anything like me that is what i always used to do as i thought it would help me to cope!
my dad would be so proud of me as i am i have lost 2.5st he hated me being big

we're all here to help you


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Thanks everyone, i'm just sitting here with tears in my eyes, i'm not as strong as everyone thinks i am...
I usually act so happy so i hate being like this but i can't help it... xxx

Courage comes from feeling the fear and facing it anyway. The love you and your mum had gives you the strength to continue your life. Use that knowledge to turn that upset into happy memories.

I lost my dad 8 yrs ago and I still find it hard. But each sad memory can be accompanied by a good memory and that makes the hurt less.

Remember our loved ones never leave us. They just watch over us from a different place.

Take Care xx


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Sorry to hear that. This is the very place for you to get things off your chest and the fact that you have came on here instead of reaching for the biscuit tin means that you want to do this and you can do it x

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Life is a learning curve,if you didnt experience pain and sorrow how would you know when things were good?(((hugs)))from a mum,for your mum.I still cry about mine then something will come along,a song she liked,a white feather or I will dream about her and she is well again.Your mum would give you a hug and tell you she is proud of you and everything you do.To make yourself happy is all she would want!


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Awww, it is really hard to get through, my nan was my lifeline, we lost her 14yr ago. She brought us up, my mother wasn't around. I still talk with her now and I know it sounds silly but it really helps.

Lizzy,so sorry, I would not like to go through what you are, I sometimes think it is harder losing a baby. Two friends lost their babies and my sister-in-law did as well.


Thank you so much for all your support guys,

I was just having a weak moment, i feel much better now and i know my mum would be giving me a hug if she were here xxx


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aw hun i hope you feel ok now. You say your not strong but you are. To be able to to talk about it means your strong and i am sure your mum is proud of you!
Big huggles to you hunny.


Thanks hun, that means a lot...

Every time i talk about it i get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, but it's worth it when thinking about my mum. She was amazing. xx


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I dont think you ever truly get over losing someone i lost my mum at 13 to cancer i am now 36 I still talk to her every day and night, Im so sorry for anyone who has suffered aloss and especialy a loss of a child Loads of Love to you all xxx


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Hi Quality....

I lost my dear wonderful sister in 2005 ... she left behind two beautiful girls one of 14 years and another of 4! Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and break my heart.

Yikes makes me cry writing this... so I do know how very hard it is for you... I have many days that I just wish it had been me and that she were here.

I would say that at times you go to hell and back and I have many thoughts on this matter and try to come to terms with her passing.

But my most cheery thought is that every time a smell, sound , song, image etc that reminds me of my lovely Sis... I think it is her way of letting me know that she is there for me. I think they send us memories to remind us of the good times that once were.

So do as you did... don't reach for food.. reach out to us. I nearly fell off the regime the other day.. I stood in the kitchen chopping up food and I don't know what hit me... but I started to sob like a baby... sadly nothing will every bring out loved ones back.. we have to hold on to their smiles and the memories they send us.

So sorry to hear of everyone's losses... be strong x

*** Di ***

Awwww bless.

Isn't it wonderful that we have a site to come onto to share our innermost feelings.

Its also so wonderful that you had that special relationship with your mum. (My own mum is a waste of space and we hardly know whether she is here or not. When my mother-in-law died then I knew what it was like to lose a special person)

It is good to release tears occasionally. There are lots of other emotions stuck inside.

Hope your weigh in went well