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I Hate .....


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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
My body has got used to all the water now...should I be worried?? xx
i know i hate it too. i have a pocket sized moisturiser that i carry around with me coz I hate the way hands feel after. especially when you use the cheap hand wash in public toilets!
Cheap hand wash, yuk! It is so horrid for my hands. Mind you i am getting really dry all over, especially my lips and elbows. I shouldnt tho as i drink about 6 pints a day.

cawisu xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep same here I've gone through like 3 bottles of moisturizer. Lol it's soooo annoying!!!


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ahhhh its very annoying isnt it!!
I might get some of that alcohol hand gel stuff as i hate washing my hands in work as the taps are either absolutly boiling or freezing cold!!!!
lol im the same, i feel like i have never peed so much in my life and its jus comin out like it went in haha
oh we do talk about everything on ere dont we ;)


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haha we do indeed laura!!

i suppose its a good thing though - flushing out our system ;)
Mee too! my hands are very dry and cracked! Can anyone recomend a decent moisturiser???
Haha yea sure does that for us summergurl! Charlene, I find that Norwegian Formula by NEUTROGENA works brilliantly and its not expensive x
i use neutrogena too :) even bought a mini one for my weekend break! LOL

I am sick of the peeing too - a simple day out shopping becomes a task of find the public loo! Cannot wait til this is over!

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