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I have a dilemma !

Ok, some of you may think I'm mad but here goes....tomorrow I am going to weigh myself but......how do I know how much of what I have put on is down to the weight of my new hip which I have just googled and found out weighs 11, yes eleven, pounds! I know that I'm nuts to be stressing out about this but obviously I have no idea about how much the discarded bone weighs......back to google?

Any ideas? And yeah, I guess that I need to get a grip.....
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Mad isn't it? There's so much stuff to read.... I think that I'm just going to call it quits and reckon on them being the same!

Five years ago I had an emergency hysterectomy to remove a tumour which turned out to be a fibroid and I've always wanted to know what it weighed! The photos showed it looked like a haggis:eek:

Ok, officially I think I have lost it.......
lol...When I delivered my 3rd child I had a "dirty duncan"...the placenta turned inside out. That looked like a haggis. One midwife said it looks like a giant traditional faggot. I've never looked at faggots the same since!

Don't forget when weighing it can take several weeks for the tissues surrounding the incision point and messed with flesh to return to normal so likely carrying some extra water weight there.


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I have to laugh! This has to be without doubt one of the funniest and strangest questions asked on a forum in a long time!!

Funnily enough I remember my mum wondering the same when she got her hip replaced about 20 yrs ago. She's due a new one now and we were saying the newer hips would probably weigh a lot less than the older fashioned one.

Anyway I hope you're recovering ok from the op.
You sound as nuts as me babes!

At least you didn't eat it......or did you? It was my surgeon who said that my tumour looked like a haggis, I thought that the photo was disgusting but also strangely compelling too.....you know, like when you watch operations on tv and want to turn away but can't stop watching?!

I'm having a think about the weighing issue. You are spot on and I hadn't thought about that, my surgeon commented on the swelling, fluid , bruising etc yesterday when he examined me and said that I wasn't to worry as it will get even worse before it gets better. My poorly thigh and hip look enormous compared to the unoperated one.

I've been so good about eating these past few weeks and, aside from a single Lindor, haven't had anything that I shouldn't. But I think that's the trouble with LT.....it plays with your head!
I love watching medical shows, the only ones that I really can't watch are eye surgeries, I saw them plop an eye onto the cheek and that was probably the closest i've come to fainting! I had lumps removed from my ear lobe a few years ago and watched the whole thing in the very close overhead surgical lights...they'd pulled them down to about 6 inches away from my head and theyre lovely and reflective!

I think most people would agree that the single Lindor was not only deserved but also extremely saintly of you! I take it you came off lipotrim for the hospital stay... you back on it now?


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The only time I'd worry Sandra is if your new hip weighed the same as your starting weight on LT lol! I'm sure it won't be too big a difference though.

xxx :)


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this is such a funny and very random post!!... i wouldnt worry sandra..but if i was you i would wait a little while longer before weighing myself...just because id be scared that if it didnt say what i wanted it to say, then i would be more likely to fall off the wagon..but thats just me. so glad that the op went ok...and im sorry i cant be of any help when it comes to how much they weigh...get back to us on that if you do find out...if its 11pounds that is shocking!! what is it made of?? xx
Sorted! Well I weighed myself this morning.....couldn't yesterday as was too ill, fainted and had a mare of a day.... Anyway, I have put on a lb! So I guess that means that I have actually lost weight as I am still swollen and my hip replacement must surely weigh more than the bit that was cut off? I understand that an adult femur also weighs in the region of 11.5 lbs and i would imagine that i have 2/3 of it left? No idea! Incidentally it's all made of ceramic, both ball and cup, aside from the spike that was hammered into my femur.

So, in conclusion.......I seem to be on track and no longer in a dilemma!


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Well done Sandra :D Not good about the fainting, etc. yesterday though. Hope you're feeling better today xx
well done and congratulations Sandra B. so glad you feel well enough to figure that out. i hope your mind is at ease now, because 1lb is nothing even if it is a little gain. glag you are ok hun. xxxx
Thanks guys......don't feel too bad today. Had a really good nights sleep, got up and had breakfast with Paul then managed to get myself showered and dressed apart from putting on one sock on my bad side!

Feel exhausted but not dizzy, realise that I have to eat regularly as well as sleep and do my exercises. Made a decision to try and sts until my six week check up in the middle of January......then if i'm given the all clear and my bloods are normal again I will lose the rest of the weight.

Sound sensible? TBH my head is so far up my bum that I seem to have lost the power of reasonable thought......


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I think it sounds sensible hun and I'm so glad you're feeling better! xxx
I have not been on the forum for a week or so and after reading this post Sandra I certainly missed out on the giggle!!!So I am going to have a little giggle now!! Hehehehe!!

How is the hip now. Does it still feel heavier? You have been so good and I admire your courage and dedication to LT.:)
Well I guess that it's part of me so I've just got to get on with it!

It is a bit alienate though, I had 18 plates and pins in my right leg a few years back so I should be used to it by now!

As for the dedication......LT works! Simples x

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