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I have a food type Q .. can somone help ?


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hope somone can help, As most of you know i found yesterday painful :( ... so i txt my CDC and she said i could eat some fish or chicken if i wanted to if i thought it would help ...

Does anyone know if i were to do this as a meal tonight to eat with the family would it effect the diet in any way ?
Would it effect the ketosis fat burning thing atall ??

Also during the start did anyone else feel they couldnt stomach anymore shakes? .. Its starting to make me feel sick just drinking the ones i like, almost like i cant stomach them .. does this pass ??

thanks in advance :)
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Eating chicken (plain) white fish (plain) inc tuna in water.. 200g wont effect ketosis no... i was having a meal almost every night for bout the first 6 months of cambridge ...so you'll be ok :)

Secondly.. i only like choc mint as any others make me heave...literally... so from week 2.. i only have had choc mint lol none others.. amd cranberry bars and peanut sometime.

I dont mind the shakes at all now :) and look forward to them esp in the morning!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Thanks mrsessex .. I find that i only like the choc now .. and can manage the chic and mushroom soup .. all the others make make urge in my stomach ...
Maybe ill have some fish tonight then as a saturday treat ..


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I think you should stay in ketosis if you only eat the protein part of the meal - fish / chicken / tofu etc. One meal wont make a big impact on your losses.

I didn't feel sick at the shakes, but I got pretty bored with them. I think you just need to push on through this phase - it does pass. Maybe you could try a soup or porridge instead?

Keep on going :).


Going From Flab to FAB!
I do have chick and mush and pot and leek soup .. tried the plain porridge and it was rank ...
am going to give the apple one a go next week ...
cant wait till i can have the bars and the tetra aparently the choc one is the best ???


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Yeah Choc Tetra rocks!! im having the second part of mine now with hot water, they make lovely hot chocolate!
I had chicken/fish with either salad or white/green veg all the way through, once or twice a week, and it never affected my losses.. kept me on track!

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