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I have a serious case of...


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the munchies!

OK, advice time.
For the past few days I've been feeling hungry at about 4pm, when I get home from school.
I normally delay my soup until 6pm, so then I can have a shake at 10pm to stop my late-night munchies.

Do I...
Stay on SS and ignore that I'm hungry?
Stay on SS and have my soup and shake earlier?
Move up to SS+ (3 shakes + meal)

Thanks in advance,

Jenni x
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
maybe move on to ss+ and see if that helps? although i would wait a few more days as this hunger will eventually dissapear, are you drinking enough water hun? x


Step away from the chips!
I'd be inclined to say stay on SS & have your soup & shake earlier. What time do you have breakfast....maybe its just too long between that & your 6pm soup. Or you could have half your shake maybe when you get in at 4pm and the rest at 10pm?
hmm id go with the second one or try and split your packs into 6mini ones so your having something every few hrs. if you still feel like this after a few days id go to ss+ hun

becky x


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KarenO - I don't have breakfast. Normally have my lunchtime shake at about 1pm.

Oooh I didn't think about splitting my packs!
You guys are brilliant :D

Haha, I feel really stupid now.


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Can you find something to occupy you, because if its emotional hunger it should go away.

Just out of interest why don't you eat breakfast?


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I'm never particularly hungry in the morning.
I get a bit hungry 30 mins after waking up, and if I ignore it then I'm not hungry until lunchtime.

I've never been a breakfast person.
Also, it allows me to have a late night shake.