I have about 50lbs to go...

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by foreverhope, 15 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

    I know this is like such an opened ended question but does anyone know roughly how long it will take to loose this?? 50lbs??

    or should I loose more that will make me 9stone 10lbs

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  3. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    Hey, your weight losses have been good so far, so i guess if you estimate 4lbs a week? Maybe another 3 months. I think see how your body changes, and when you have lost that 50lbs, then decide if you are happy, then go from there with any further loss you want to do?

    As you get closer to your goal weight you losses might slow a bit more so it could take longer than 3months... but i am not sure!!!
  4. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Flippin Nora Hope, you are doing well!! Looks as though your loss is pretty consistent (which is usually is on a VLCD) but you might find it slows a little towards goal.
  5. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

    Thanks for replying!! yeah thats what I was afraid of. its just that we are going away the last 2 weeks of June and would love to be off the diet!! I am just over 5'5 so I don't really know what my weight should be really what is everyones goal weight??xxxx
  6. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    I am aiming for 10stone, but i will see what i feel like when i get to 11stone or 10and a half and see what i feel like :) I am 5'8"
  7. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    Took me less than 4 mts to loose 65llbs....but as you get closer to target it slows a little....I'd agree 3 months should do it!

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