I have bad heartburn


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I had this and just drunk 4 litres of water and it went away - what did you eat? Soup?


Have a serene day!!
Zantac or another one of the 1 a day reliefs. It goes away eventually, also try Decaff Coffee a good one like Gold Blend as it tastes like the real thing/ or decaff Typhoo Tea.

Caffiene is well known for causing heartburn.

I had been taking a prescribed treatment for years, until I found out that it was the coffee & tea that caused it.

Now I have Kenco Decaff and got the hubby on it too, and he says his joints feel better now.

Hope this helps.

Hmmm, today I've had a cranberry bar plus a black coffee!! I can easily manage without the coffee. I only usually have one cup a day but I'll stop having it now. Plus I'll nip round to the chemist now. Thanks for that



Don't take Rennie unless it's the sugar-free version. The normal ones are full of sugar and will knock you out of ketosis. I get awful heartburn on this diet too and i find Zantac brilliant for this - but read the packaging before you take it.


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Gaviscon was a god send for me, the advance stuff x
Thanks for that. I HAVE been taking rennies cause that's all I had in the house...oops! I might try and get a doc appointment tomorrow and see if she can prescribe something. If not I'll try zantac or gaviscon.

Heartburn is the only bad effects I'm having now though so I'm not complaining too much.:)

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