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I have been a BAD BAD Girl!


Cambridge Consultant
I fell off the wagon big time at the weekend, had a big barney with dh, threw the dummy out the pram and ate everything I shouldn't have, chocolate, chippys, chinese, ice cream, you name it. Mostly on Sunday right enough but had plenty of vodka over the weekend.

Weigh in on yesterday morning and I had put on 3.5lbs, which wasn't unexpected let me tell you. I got right back on though and was back in Ketosis by this morning thankfully, although yesterday was really hard.

Feeling re-motivated again, although yesterday was hell as I was starving. I vow NOT to do that again!!!

Even adjusted my ticker to show the gain as a punishment to myself lol.

I only have 3 weeks until I go on holiday and I was right on the verge of going into the 9's. Why oh why do I self destruct like this!!!

C xxx
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Hi C
You're sounding really positive in spite of the weekend - Well done for jumping back on the CD Train straight away :)
Keep at it ... we know it'll be worth all the hunger pangs in the end.

Aunt Bam

Full Member
Don't dwell too much about the weekend blowout:sigh:. Your back on track now, and good luck losing the rest of your weight.

Well done for getting straight back on!
I'm sure your gain will be gone is double quick time.


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I was the same! only mine was plus 6.5lb !!!! AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH
back on it now. been 100% no cheating for 2 days so far, lets see if i can lose it by fridays weigh in!


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks everybody, yes me and dh are fine now, you know what they're like, men are like children sometimes!!!

Thank God the hunger pangs have gone away again, yesterday was awful!!!
You just need to get your CD head on and keep going!!


Silver Member
Thats why i'm here just now...straight in from work and grazing through the cupboards. No DH for tea tonight so i've made soup and fresh fruit salad for kids so nothing to tempting. Far too much alcohol and morning after munchies at the weekend. Laying low on the social scene for a week or two til i get my head back in the game.

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