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Hi All, feeling bad tonight as I've cheated whilst on SS. Was doing really well this week, am on Day 6 and had already lost 6lbs by the end of Day 4. Went to a children's bday party and ate pasta, chicken in breadcrumbs, cake and chocolate. Any advice would be helpful - have drunk lots of water tonight and expect to feel hungry tomorrow - will it be hard to get back on track? Will I gain some of the pounds I've lost through tonight's binge??? HELP!!!! Only ate due to pressure from friends that know I normally love my food....
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You are going to have to make a decision if you are going to let your friends pressure you into eating. Depending on how much you are with friends you might find your self being "forced" to eat over and over and ruin your work. It is hard in the beginning but if you can make it through the first weeks it can get easier. Hang in.
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We all have our fall downs at some point.... and if you are a person that can be easily pressured from friends then it's time to start thinking tactically.... such as lying to them... here we go!
You go to a party and they try get you to eat food - just say you had a really big lunch before you came and couldn't possibally eat another thing, but tell them you will try something later.... or you have an upset stomach and you dare not eat anything.
It's a shame that some friends just don't understand about being on a diet.... and they feel that they should make you cheat. Just get back on track and try stay strong hun x


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No truer words spoken mandy! Ive heard all sorts from my friends, it cant be healthy losing weight that fast, it must be bad for you, you're missing out on the things you need. but they just dont understand. And they wont understand unless they do it themselves. telling a little white lie like mandy said will really help you along the way.


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It's a shame your friends can't get behind you on this. Do they know why you are doing this? I'd say that most of us, if not all of us are doing this to improve our health.

Food for thought (no pun intended): if they know you are doing it to improve your health and are still pressurising you to eat, then.....


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I am quite lucky in the fact that most of my friends are really supportive and admire how well I am doing on SS. Also my work colleagues are being very good about it too.

I have the odd friend who urges me to cheat, but I find I dont spend much time with them whilst on SS lol