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I have discovered I have bones!


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Incredible losses... and I'm really pleased for you! Finding you have bones?! Lol! Love it!

LMAO! I sent a message to my sister the other day saying 'I have neck bones!!' So i understand your joy. You've bloody earned dem bones dem bones too -your losses are fantastic!



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Same here, Just the other night I said to my husband in bed "you need to stop putting your leg over mine as it is starting to hurt my bones" lol it felt good to feel my bones.
You have done so well and your consistency is just wow.
Cant wait to feel all my bones getting there but not quite. Well done


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Yeah its weird, i thought i had a couple of lumps in my matress while i was sleeping on my front(no rude comments here please!) but my husband pointed out that it was my hip bones!!!!!! LOL
Ahh hip bones bless em, they are the last thing I touch at night and the first thing I touch in the morning, just to check they are still there.;)
I agree, isnt it nice to have found our skeletons?

My ribs have made an appearance recently. Your right, my hip bones are coming back! Cant wait till my bum looks good again! :)
Good for you!! Must be a great feeling.
I have the bone structure of a dinosaur and am hoping to rediscover it again soon!
lol this is a great thread.....congrats on finding your bones hun and a fantastic woohoo on ur weight loss... every1 thinks they got this right now to smack my bum and ask where its going?????
im starting to get a waist noxand my hips are starting to come through lol


Success leads to success

I think were all obsessed with feeling for bones! I admit its rather weird, I can feel the little vertebrae (sp?) in my spine, also if I feel the fat areas e.g. thighs etc theres like this weird texture there, like veins under your skin, I know it sounds totally weird, but I swear it is the fatty deposits breaking down :D

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