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I have fallen so far off the wagon, I cant see it anymore.

:cry:My goodness me. I thought I had the emotional binges licked, but oh no no no. Yesterday I engulfed so much 'bad' food so quickly it was like I was in a trance. I feel really bad, and angry with myself.

why why why? Does this happen!?!? :confused:


Im in such a mental mood, I had nightmares last night too. :(

Im a headcase.
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We all have headcase moments, I never thought of myself as someone who could fall off the wagon this much but I do and I pick myself up and carry on.

Draw a line under yesterday and enjoy the fact that you can do it today.

I usually feel pretty crappy the next day after a binge (I never learn though!) and can't be bothered with anything healthy but a big bowl of soup or pasta might make you feel better and it will be free.


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Don't beat yourself up hun!! Its only one day ! I had a chinese last night and a few other treats, but i'm aware that its naughty so I'm going to be extra good for the rest of the week. Aswell as doing some excercise! You are NOT a headcase! Pick yourself up, don't dwell on it, today is a brand new day. Don't let this slip up ruin you, you are so much better than that!! Your losses have been amazing. We all struggle from time-to-time. Do some excercise, even if it means a walk, it releases happy endorphins so you can't help but feel positive, and will make it easier to sleep :)
Good luck, let me know how you get on sweet. you can do it!!


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To be fair you are not the only one. Last week my emotional binging put on 2.5lb. I was 0.5lb off loosing a st:cry:

Don't loose heart and beat yourself up, happens to us all at one point or another, or in my case lots of points!

Look at your history, your total loss so far. It's fabulous :)

Draw a line under it, you're back on plan.

Embrace it as a mark of your humanity and that you feel things :)

I know the poor sleep and knightmares well. It's not pleasant, but you cope.

For me some exercise, gym, swim, late night walk sometimes helps with the sleep. I tend to go to bed late and get up early, and while makes me tired it minimises the time I can have knightmares! Maybe an options (2 Syns) before bed?

Try talking things out and venting a bit if you can.

As for being a headcase, join the club. I'd say that about 99% of the population are. The other 1% are just weird!

Chin up chuck, have a moan if it helps
I often have what i refer to as a "Taz" moment - where i whirlwind round the kitchen (al a Tazmanian Devil) and then look at the carnage afterwards (wrappers and suchlike!!!) and then wonder why and how i did it?

Its just a habit, and habits are very hard to break - but over time i have less and less Taz moments, and it gets easier....

Dont be so hard on yourself - and remember how you feel now, and try to think about it before it happens the next time and it wont be as bad - slowing chipping away at the habit, it will be so much less of an issue down the line.

Aww Ladies and Chris, i honesly love this website.

So, I dusted myself off and headed to the kicthen at work for lunch. I had a yummy Tomato soup (hexb) planned.

IMAGINE MY HORROR when i walked in to find, FREE pizza, Krispy kremes, Millies Coookies for the taking, and all my work mates chowing down merrily.

what did I do, you might ask?

I heated up my soup, ate the lot, avoided temptation, remembering your kind words, and now I sit here, tummy full, polishing my halo ;)

One day wont ruin me :D

Thank so much again xxxx

p.s Chicaloca = Crazy girl ;)
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Well done for getting back on track :) it's so easy to fall off the plan when you have days like that and staying strong and postive takes massive willpower. You should be really proud of yourself.

I try to see the positives in having off days - you need the bad to appreciate the good. :)

Well done again and good luck with the rest of your journey!

Emily x
OH FOR THE LOVE OF KYLIE - there are cookies and doughnuts everywhere and now theyve cracked open the chocolates. About 5 HUGE tins of celebratiosn etc etc.

help me!!!!


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Think of all the positives!! You're changing your life for the better. You started SW for a reason! Think about why you started, what you're acheiving by not having any chocolate... is it even worth it? Nooo! :)

If I ever feel like I'm about to stuff my face (which is quite often) I normally browse the internet for clothes I could wear when I'm slim - totally gives me a boost. Good luck!
Ok, only 30mins togo....nothing has passed my lips. If Im honest I went to the kitchen for teas earlier, hoping to see some choccies (1 or 2 wonthurt!) BUT there were none. Ahhhhh, the great dieter in the sky has helped me ;)

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