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I have found the perfect way to loose weight...


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oh you poor thing. i dont think there is anything worse then toothache. in my C-section pain hasnt been as bad as toothache. :vibes::hug99::vibes::hug99:


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Oh no! I agree about c-section pain, I had one a year ago, and now my wisdom teeth are coming through wrong... agony! I'm off to the dentist next week to beg them to rip my teeth out lol. Hope u sort yours out soon. X


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ah bless you i know what you mean about toothache is a real killer!
Is it the gum that hurts or the tooth if it is the gum try some soluable paracetamol gargle it in your mouth and it will give you better relief than the other paracetamol as it hits the spot straight away!

hope you get it sorted!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Omg that reminded me, since we're talking pain... when I was 18 I got Scarlet Fever (yes it still exists) and had a thing they call "razor throat" ...I can't even begin to explain the pain of that. I was holding my breath because even breathing felt like someone spinning blades around my throat, argh I can't even think about it! *cringe*
Owww :( that sounds like a bad way to lose weight to me! Hope you can get it seen to very soon, until then we are sending sympathies!


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GET TOOTHACHE!!!!!! Back tooth broke last night ( my cookings getting worse) and am in agggggoooonnny. Cann't eat or drink anything without clinging on to the cieling. The nearest I have got to food is a bag of frozen peas on the side of my face lol.:cry:
Remedy given to me by a dentist rub on Sensodyne toothpaste it will ease the pain. Hope it goes soon.

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