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I have gained :(


Call me Linzi...
Don't weigh daily! Your body fluctuates alot during the week... you may have eaten something salty yesterday & retained water?

You've posted that yr constipated... that will make a difference too! You have still lost 2lbs so far & yr week isn't over yet, hopefully if you can sort out the constipation today & guzzle lots of water when you weigh in tomorrow you'll have an even better result than the 2lbs you've already lost!!

Unless daily weighing doesn't affect you & by that I mean the fluctuations then hide the scales & weigh in once a week... then you'll have good results!!

awww big hugs to you. it happens to me too. those weighing scales can be horrid! i know i shouldnt weigh myself whenever i see the scales but i do!
It's probably water, and yes that's the perils of weighing daily. Back in the day when I was a scaleaholic I could gain and lose 3lbs during the course of the day.


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I'm a weighaholic too we've even got scales at work as there's so many of us on diets.

I weigh myself everyday as soon as i get to work I know I shouldnt but I just cant help it.

Luckily I dont get too upset if I've gained a little one day but I find it's a massive boost if I've lost :D


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Wahoo I am pleased today as another 3lbs is off from yesterdays 2lb gain, so all in all now I have lost 5.25lbs in 6 days. Happy again now.x

Lisa D

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Will definately have to try and keep myself off the scales everyday, i'm a scale-a-holic but get disheartened so quickly so must try to weigh only once a week, it's hard though isn't it???


Wants to be a yummy mummy
soooo hard not to get on every day... But it has defo shown me not to throw in the towel just cos you see something one day that you dont like.x

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