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I have just eaten something.


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Sarah to be honest I don't think it will harm you - hopefully it won't register on the ketosis and it def won't affect your weight loss.

Enjoy your day and stay strong -- make some crisps and biscuits just for you to nibble on.

Cath's right it's not going to hurt you. Try & be strong and you'll be OK. Get yourself some CD mix a mousse from one of the CDC's and when you're having visitors over and they are all eating you can have some 'jelly'.

It's just mix a mousse, water and your drink flavouring mixed together and left to set in the fridge.

It's how I survive my weekends when my lot are all scoffing their faces with goodies ;)


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
I just ate a spinach leaf and a sprig of watercress.

Sorry love.........that was quite amusing. lol.:D

I think you shall be fine...shall try to be sensible now. Do not panic....no carbs......but bad bad bad bad you for eating....all be it A SPINACH LEAF and a SPRIG of watercress. You can have that when you're off the diet......in much larger quantites, just not just now though ok?:D



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You'll be fine.:wave_cry: Pick yourself up and forget that it happened. I had lemon on my glass rim today! Every place I've ordered mineral water from since I started LL has insisted on putting the lemon in the glass no matter what I ask for.
:wave_cry: :wave_cry: :wave_cry: sez, don't worry, if it makes you feel any better i will make a confession.....:sigh:. i drank a small glass of red wine last night and feel terrible for doing it, it tasted more like port as i have had nothing since starting, and it was just so strong so was not good, jacobs creek used to be my favorite as well!!:devilangel:
to make up for it i have beeen running around with my hubby and daughter in Elizabeth country park today for hours playing cricket, ball and climbing trees also tag, so please don't beat yourself up over it!!
you are doing really good!:) There is always someone out there not doing as well as you!!



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It'll only do you 'harm' if you let it mess with your head, Sarah.

I suppose it is good practice to learn to deal with 'eating the wrong thing' occasionally. Can you draw a line under this incident and forget about it, looking forward to tomorrow? Yes, I think you can....

One of the important lessons we have to learn is not to let the 'head stuff' screw up what we have achieved. I certainly have screwed up previous diets every time I 'ate the wrong thing' or thought I had. Daft really.


has started again!!
Well, I guess it was only spinach and watercress after all!!! Sorry to be so daft about it.

They have just left, after a 6 hour bbq!! My very best pal was totally p****d, bless her, and as everyone else had been drinking, guess what mug offered to be their taxi home?? (and not for the first time since starting LL)

I have only managed 2 packs today, what with all the food prep etc, but I am so fed up I just going to bed, its too late to drink soup. I KNOW thats wrong as well, but the rebellious child has kicked in pretty hard. I am not p****d, just p****d off.....

so taking myself out of harms way!!

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