I have never tried so hard in my life!

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  1. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    I am trying my hardest to lose weight but its just not happening, doesn't show on the scales, doesn't show in inches, I actually LOOK fatter than before I started about 2/3 weeks ago and I don't know what I am doing wrong! I am eating less as well, my portions used to be quite big. I am hula hooping like a mad woman shaking my hips or just wobbling them about, I have the bruises to prove it, I just don't understand where I am going wrong. :( All this is for my cousins wedding and I am a bridesmaid, I am the fat bridesmaid. My goal is to be AT LEAST a size 12-14 being a 16-18 now, problem is I have no idea when the dress fitting is, could be next week, could be august I have NO IDEA and I don't want to turn up looking like a pumpkin in a dress. Can anyone help me? Please?
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  3. Leighthesim

    Leighthesim Full Member

    First weigh your self now and put your scales away for a week!
    The measure yourself and same drill (put the tape away for the week)

    next write down everything you eat, are you eating too much? Are you eating enough? (And portion sizes)
    it will not help if your cutting your portion sizes but snacking more, or eating the wrong things)

    next make sure your drinking enough water, and your not "backed up" (a glass of prune juice would fix that)

    Now, make sure your eating above 1200kcals a day but not over about 1600kcals, and that your drinking NAS fizzy and squash (but you should drink mostly water if you can) and not having too much milk from things like tea and coffee.

    If your still struggling try following one of the many diet plans on this forum, vlcd, slimming world and weight watchers are probably your best places to look :)

    good luck with your weight loss :)
  4. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    Thank you for your advice :D I do have a habit of hopping on the scales every morning, and backed up is an understatement! I'll start doing that now, thank you again. :D
  5. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    ahhh mate, you will drive your self nutty jumping on the scales every 5 mins, great advice there from Leighthesim what diet are you doing? it seems like your a bit all over the place at the moment get yourself settled on one and try to stick to it, I am on SW and it's working wonders for me at the moment. Good luck mate and keep us informed as they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved (something like that) good luck
    Last edited: 16 February 2013
  6. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    I am just exercising, started the 30 day shred and eating small and healthy (I think) I never do well on diets ha! and I know its become a bad habit! Its just the scales look lonely without me standing on them! haha thank you for your reply. :)
  7. missyann79

    missyann79 Member

    Hi katyliz91 I know how you feel I have been swimming 3 to 4 times a week plus I do body balance once a week as well. The first week I lost 6lb but nothing this week . What get me is my little sister is loosing weight but not doing anything. I'm sure all of a sudden we will see a big difference keep up the good
  8. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    Aw that must suck! I hate it when that happens! My friend like to go on about how much weight she loses by doing nothing and people like us work our butts off and get nowhere! yeah the difference will be amazing and we will look in the mirror and think I worked for this :) Good luck yourself :)
  9. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    Try using my fitness pal, that's great for keeping track of your food as well as cardio and strength exercises :)

    good luck :)
  10. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    oooh food -.- ate half a packet of chocolate digestives, didn't even realise till I looked over at the packet haha! I wont start tracking today haha! thank you :)
  11. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    Oh I'm the same with custard creams! Tomorrows a new day, try again then :) lol
  12. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    OHHHH custard creams! haha just did an hour and a half with the hula hoop while watching shaun of the dead, feel slightly better about it now :D
  13. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    Just did weighing and measuring + 2oz but lost quite a few inches! Does it count if I measure absolutely every part of my body and add them together to make a more impressive loss? haha screw it -7.4 inches! booya!
  14. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    Have you tried joing a slimming club. Biggest loser online is very good x
  15. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    Cant afford them :( otherwise I'd be all over it! haha but I give up on things easily so would be a waste of money.
  16. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    Well in that case I highly recommend my fitness pal, help you track everything. Worth looking at :)
  17. *fraufrau*

    *fraufrau* Full Member

    I use my fitness pal and find it really helpful and motivational!! X
  18. katyliz91

    katyliz91 Member

    I'll have a look at that :) thank you!
  19. sunnysussex

    sunnysussex Member

    I use my fitness pal too really helps

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