I have no idea which diet to choose! help!


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Hi Im stuck on what is best for me. I have done weight watchers but i hate writing out what i eat, counting points , looking up calorie/fat/carb content, it makes me more hungry! Slimming world was a headache as there was to much reading to do on what to eat and what not! atkins gave me headaches, the runs and i couldnt eat eggs and meat all day long! i have had the best weight loss with ww 5 years ago (only about 18lbs though) i really struggle to loose the 2 stone i carry around with me. I have 3 kids (2,5,8) and im sat down half of the day as im studying, i have a back prblem so exercise is a problem but i have 2 30-45 min exercise sessions a week. so for the last 4 days i have kick started by cutting out the main carbs, bread, rice, pasta, flour and potatoes. I do need a cereal like oat/nuts and skimmed milk for breakfast, and i would like the odd treat like a jaffa cake or 2 or ice cream scoop.
i wondering if a food combining diet is good for me! any tips?
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I downloaded my fitness pal and not looked back have lost 24 lb to date just calorie counting x

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I have tried many: Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley, Slimming World, Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin, The Lunchbox Diet. Some of them more than once!

I lost the most weight with Rosemary Conley, but I have settled on Slimming World again as not only is it so flexible but my consultant doesn't make me feel like satan if I've put on weight.

I think to make any plan successful, you need to keep some kind of food diary as it's very easy to have the odd nibble of something here and there and thinking it won't hurt but doing that a few times a day can make a dent in your weight loss.

Perhaps I'm biased but it sounds like SW would suit you. Once you've spend a week using the books as a guide it starts to come very naturally - there's always something that you can eat without counting points or calories and you can still have the odd treat if you syn it.

I hope that helps and good luck :) x