I have started CD today!!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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So far so good, I've finished off my first 2 litre bottle of water and am confident I will get through at least 4 today.

I'm feeling ok so far, bit tired but I got up early so that's probably why!!!

Very excited about the next few weeks, my CDC thinks it will only take me about 10 weeks to shift 3 stone - That's fabulous!!!

Hope everyone is ok!
Gemx :D
Good Luck!!!

How much are you trying to lose (just the 3)

You can do it!!!

The 3 stone would be fab, if I lose more than even fabber!!!! As long as I've lost the 3 by December I'll be skipping down that aisle!!!!

Hi Gem
Congratulations on starting! I'm on day 8 and 7lbs down so far. I had a bit of a headache by the first evening so went to bed early but other than that it has been great. Couple of hunger pangs on day 2 & 3 but since then I haven't really felt hungry.
I'm still not sure how much I want to lose, at the moment I don't want to think that far and just take it a day at a time and see where it goes.
Keep up the good work :)
bluemoon xx
Hello Gem

How exciting losing weight for your wedding. i'd love to renew my wedding vows when i'm thin as I hated being overweight on my wedding day.

Hope all is going well - dont be afraid to ask questions or give us a shout if you need extra help and support!!