I have to Confess (Moved)


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I have been on CD for 11 days and just (well earlier today) gave in to some Tesco "finest" cashews, macadamias and pecan nuts "infused" with rosematry and thyme (why have they put out there Christmas stock already??:mad: )

Now I feel GUILTY, a failure, and worst of all BLOATED - don't know why I did it as I wasn't even hungry. I also now have a headache.

Now I feel REALLY bad almost in tears:(

I know I will get back on track, but I hope it does not affect my weight loss (too much)

I just had to get it off my chest - thanks for reading:eek:
Patsy - Dont worry. Put it behind you and move on, nothing good will come out of you worrying about something thats happened.
Just try and avoid those christams aisles in future - I am with you - it's torture!!!!!!!
:eek: Embarrassingly (and spookily), I have also binged on nuts today, I just shoved handful after handful in, then wondered "what the hell am I doing" and felt completely and utterly baffled - what's that all about? I lose 50lbs then stuff my face with peanuts AAARRRGH.

Personally, I'm going to have a think about this, think about WHY I ate the nuts (I just fancied them? :confused: ) and get myself back on track.

Don't beat yourself up but just try and work through why you did it. And move on!

Good luck x
Hi Patsy - When I have "fallen off the wagon" in the past I try and visualise a drawer, and I put all those bad feelings associated with eating something I shouldn't have inside that drawer, I bang it shut and move on. It usually does the trick for me. You have had a tiny blip, don't blame yourself, drink plenty of water and start again with renewed determination. Good luck honey.
X Sam