I have to stop SS :(


Hi, I havn't been on here much as I have had the flu for a week, that turned into a chest infection, and now my thyroid problem has returned, so I can't do SS anymore:( It explains why my weight losses havn't been great over the past few weeks despite sticking to it 100%.I have lost 1lb this week :(

I have just rang my lovely CDC, and she is going to see me tonight and devise a plan that means I can still have 1 shake a day, but also incorporate real food, so I can hopefully still lose weight too. She's thinking of one of the higher maintenance plans.

Im so gutted, as I was determined to get under 9stone for my husbands xmas do on the 9th December, and it doesn't look like I will now. I know I can lose the 17lbs left to go, but its just going to take longer. Im going to start on the thyroxine again, so hopefully this will make the weight loss easier (most people gain alot with hypothyroidism). Sounds stupid but I dont even want food anymore!!
Feel better for my vent already now, Ill let you know what my CDC says tonight!
Vicky x
Hey hey!! You still do brill and lost 2 stone on SS, now it is time for the next phase of the diet using food and packs to finish off the job.

So eyes on the prize and stick with it as you have done brill so far and no reason you won't still finish what you started.


As Mike says you have done really well so far and will continue to do so on the higher programmes.

Sometimes SS just isn't suitable and your health is the most important thing.

Work with your CDC and she will help you lose the remaining lbs.
Vicky, you have done brilliantly so far, and having some real food again during the last stone and a bit will be sensible anyway. It will allow your body to get used to food in a very controlled way, and be better for your health.
I imagine you have suffered badly during the flu and chest infection, there are some times when your body really has to have glucose to work with (eg making blood cells which is very important during illness). Although this diet is nutritionally sound when we are healthy, it leaves little in reserve for when we need that bit extra, especially when nearing target weight.
Thanks everyone, I have gone straight from SSing to the 1200 step over night!!
Feels very very weird to be eating again, and I feel so full from very little food-which is great!
Fingers crossed I still get some sort of weightloss!
Vicky :)
I think you'll continue to lose quite well, the thyroxine will help and the extra food will give you more energy and make exercise possible which in turn will increase the losses. If you are reasonably active you should expect to see 2lb a week loss once your thyroid imbalance is corrected.