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i have used all my syn allowance today on

how many syns?



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better one today than ten tomorrow because you have developed a serious craving for it!
glad you enjoyed it though....have never tried it!
I LOVE the texture of avocado... but not so keen on the taste, they always seem to taste a bit soapy to my strange tastebuds...

i always feel like putting them in a salad or something but then when i have them i dont eat them because dont like the taste...

do you have any nice recipes that use them?

mind you.. if they have syns probably good job I stay away from them...!! xx

Mrs V

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I can understand why! I love avocado too, but for that reason, I stay away from it as I know its high in syns.
What did you do with it?? Salad perhaps?


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13.5 Syns for the average avocado !!! but i look at it this way. i have a major craving for chocolate at the moment (TOTM) but i can combat it with avocados. So surely it is better to have 13.5 syns of good fat then 13.5 syns of chocolate ????


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having it on its own for lunch today as i was too lazy to make a salad. but i do usually have it with salad and prawns hmmm. (but then i usually only have 1/2 the avocado.

Mrs V

Loves Life!

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