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i just cant do it

come on, we all have bad moments. Just think what's making you feel like this? then think about how much better you'll feel if you can just pull your head together and have at least 3 good weeks til Christmas. That could be a stone if you do it properly and don't even consider cheating. Have a pint of water and realise that you deserve this,,,, don't keep wasting your money or driving yourself mad...Good luck
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thanks percy thats my aim to get stone off by xmas last week i felt so good so i must try harder to get bak on track
thanks good luck
S: 13st3lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks will do just cant believe i messed up after one week, but here goes again, theres still hope i hope lol
Oh dear, sorry to hear it has been a tough week, CD is very tough but you CAN do it, really try to focus and you will have that stone off before xmas no problem!
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You've got to put it behind you and get back on track. Don't give yourself choices. This is what you are doing, now think of things that will help you stick to your diet. Goooood luck!
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thnaks guys yes whats done is done so tom brand new start again lol
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Good luck for tomorrow skinny ....... drink plenty and do it hour by hour and day 1 will soon be over with, then you can move onward and downward to day 2 ---- if you stick to it now you'll have a good loss before Christmas :)


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Skinnylala my mum always said to me that if you think you can't do it then the battle is half lost. Start telling yourself that you can and applaud yourself every single time you walk away from something tempting. If you stick to it 100% you should get a good loss and that will give you more morale for the next week and it is just a cycle. Plus like Percy said, make a note of the situations that make you want to eat and try and avoid them. I find keeping busy at all times helps. All the best for tomorrow.


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Hi Skinnylala,
Keep ticking the days off on a calender, that has helped me. Start day 7 and down. Its better to take it week by week, rather then think of the amount you have to lose. Once you have done a week and had that great weight loss, its so much easier to carry on.
Hang a dress up (if you have one), a size smaller then what you are now, that you want to get into., and try it on every couple of days, as you can start the feel the difference.
Take lots of long hot baths, and do things you probably dont normally do, like have a facial, give yourself a hair treatment. Cover yourself in moisturiser, do your nails. Foot and hand treatments. Just make time for you.
These things really help me.
Also this site. Read all the positive threads to spur you on.
You can do it hun, and we are all here to support you
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thanks guys u r all brill here for support ok am bak on track again today and here goes, positive attitude good luck thanks againxxx
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I agree with everyone and I think Sylvie what your mother taught you is so right.
If you think you can't do something then 99% of the time you will fail. Believe in yourself, you can do it - keep telling yourself that. It won't be easy to start with, but the days, weeks and months will soon fly by.
You have to believe in yourself, so many people have achieved success from this diet, there is no reason why you can't. The only thing that is stopping you at the moment is yourself thinking you can't do it.
Once you have met your goal, you will be ecstatic - not just because you have lost the weight and look amazing, but because you did it you'll be elated with your achievement. You will think to yourself if I could you that, I can achieve anything in life, the world is my olyster, as they say.

There Is No Such Work As Can't - I am sure you have heard the saying
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thnaks blue eyes, ur so right i am doing this for me and me only and to prove to myself i can do this, i did it for one whole week last week so i can do it again thanks guys ur all brill


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Come on Skinnylala, you can do it. Think of all the nice clothes you buy in the sales after Christmas. Maybe try splitting your shakes into two and having six drinks instead of 3 might help. Do your best and you will get there.

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