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I just can't face my shakes :(

This is day 3 of the second time round for me. I previously lost 3 stone 4lbs in 3 months and stupidly put all but 9lbs back on.

So I'm back now and with a fresh realisation of how easy the weigh can go back on if you dont work up the plans. However my tastebuds have completed altered and I can not face my shakes - I feel sick just thinking about having one and I just do without - yesterday I only ate half of one - today I made one into a mousse and only managed 2 tiny spoonfuls. I know all of the dangers about not eating them but I'm really struggling - I'm trying just to down them to get it over with but I can't. It's all flavours too :(

Sorry for whinging x
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not whinging at all hun and that is what this place (and your cdc) are for!

you said yourself that you know the dangers of not having your shakes. This diet works when followed hun, and less than your 3 shakes (and without the necessary nutriants) and your body will go into starvation mode and stop any weight loss!

Have you tried the soups?bars?porridge?

For the time being, hold your nose, have it thicker with a glass of water or come off it, but speak to your cdc about swapping the ones you have for something different.

but for the time being, you MUST have more than 70cals a day hun, your body will just shut down if you keep going like that

Thanks Lizz - I'm going to try a soup tonight - i use to like the tomato ones so i'm hoping I'll still like them. I don't know if i'm poorly or something cause i never felt this bad before - I cant understand why I'm not hungry at all - even in ketosis i would still want my shakes - I just feel permanantly sick and tired xx
maybe its not the shakes but a bug hun as that isnt usually something that is associated with starting cd....
have you tried mixing shakes? I love banana and butterscotch together!

make sure you have your soups tonight hun, especially if its a bug as you need all the energy you can get to fight it off!

Hope you feel better soon though one way or the other

there isnt a chance you could be pregnant is there ?? that would make you feel that way ??

I can only reiterate what the PP said .. you need all your packs , or your body will shut down .. weight loss will stop , but more importantly your body wont have the energy to keep your organs functioning properly .. and it can be very serious :(

have you tried all the shakes again ?? The things I loved last time I did CD ..like the A&C porridge etc .. I just cant stomach , i am just having a bar and 2 choc mint shakes a day as it the only thing that I fancy .. but you must try and have 3 packs .. or you may need to stop CD and try something else

hope you get sorted hun x
I agree with the other posts, try and get them down you.
have you tried any of the porridges??
I add extra cinnamon to apple and cinnamon porridge, and shakes I used to have cold but gone off them now, so now I have warm.
Grating fresh nutmeg into banana shake is really nice. (not tried that on warm shake yet) and cinnamon might go with one of the shakes?
I'm sure its not official advice to do any of these things but I do them and I have lost weight, I will try anything that keeps me on the diet and doesn't stop my weight loss.
Thanks everyone - I forced a bar down, my other half was watching me out of the corner of his eye and seemed to look relieved after I finished it - i must have scared him over the past few days - I've gone from eating everything to prefering just drinking water and chewing on chewing gum.

The only shakes that i use to like were chocolate and tomato soup - I'm quite liking the strawberry ones at the moment but I don't like porridge at all (yuck!) I'll have to text my cdc and see if shes ever heard of it before but thanks everyone for your advice

There's no way I'm pregnany btw, think I have a bug cause all I want to do is sleep :(
glad you have managed to get a bar down!

I know it might be clutching at straws, but could the gum be messing your stomach about?
I know i cant touch that stuff while im on CD, it makes me belly feel like its eating itself :(

Make sure your keeping your fluid intake up and get yourself to bed hun xxxx


Now Maintaining :)
Have you tried any of the bars? The caramel one is yummy. Most of the soups are lovely too. So is the mint chocolate shake. :D
there is a sick bug going around quite a lot of the kids at school have been sent home over the past few days and symptoms sound like yours, feeling sick, can't face eating and very tired
Thanks everyone - I've just forced another bar down (my first for today) and will have some soup later to warm me cockles, feeling much better today thanks everyone, I was telling SIL how I was feeling and she's a nurse and her first question was "Are you Pregnant?" but no I'm certainly not, I started to panic yesterday thinking how can I do this diet if I cant eat the shakes and i'm going to have to eat food but I'm hoping that if I speak to my cdc she'll agree to sell me bars, even though you're not suppose to have them before week 3, I've tried not having any chewing gum today to see if that makes a difference but no I'm just dreaming of chicken and mushroom stir frys from the local chinese now so need to snap out of that
you can dream loads hun as long as it doesnt make you blip! :)
careful with the bars as they make you fart! lol

and hope you manage the soup!
Feel better soon

i found that the first 4 days the shakes and the porridge tasted yucky however after that I started to really like them - hopefully over the next few days your taste buds will change a bit and you will start enjoying them.

good luck x

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