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i just cant stop...


new year...new me!x
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i am driving myself insane...i keep weighing myself...i just cant stop. i know its silly...my son is loosing his temper and has hidden them and said he wont let me have them for a week...i know he is right but that makes me panic...how will i know i am doing ok if i cant weigh myself??? :confused:
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I second Sandy hon, the scales can be very addictive but soul-destroying at the same time. I weigh myself every couple weeks now, had to hide them away in wardrobe. Even though I knew I wasn't losing and maybe actually gaining I still wanted to see.

Hope you have a happy christmas and peaceful new year. xx


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I hate scales as even if i've lost size my weight isn't budging at the moment


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I was weighing myself 4 times a day - so got my mum to take my scales to her house. I was driving myself insane. It took about 2 weeks but eventually I managed to lose the urge to weigh.

Ask your son to keep them for an extra week and every time you feel the need to weigh, remind yourself that no matter what the scales say, you are the weight you are - weighing won't change it. Then you can use your official weigh in if you have one, or he can bring the scales out once a week for you.

Good luck with the weight loss :)


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Get rid of them...its not healthy to keep doing this, your weight can dramatically diifer at different points in the day. If you don't have the scales then you have to rely on your weekly weigh in which will tell you your true weight.

keep strong!


new year...new me!x
S: 21st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 10st11lb(50.17%)
i am worrying about getting to 19stone for my op...i need my bmi to be below 50...i was weighing myself every day...but now i am going to do it every week til op...which is only 16 days away!!! i have 10lbs to loose roughly...as i put 2lbs on with the start of my period...aaarrrhhh...mind you its usually 4 so i suppose i should be greatful...next weigh in on 31st, so fingers crossed x


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fingers crossed for you hun, its blimmin hard when the totm comes along and plays around with our weight.

I hope its good news for you on the 31st :)


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Yes I used to weigh myself constantly but in reality those days don't count you need to look at the bigger goal and that is weight will be lost over time. Can you give the scales away and weigh yourself once a week at the chemist or something? When I lived in another country there were scales that used to cost $1 and would give you the exact amount of weight, unfortunately they don't have them where I am now.


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