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I just dont see how it works!!


I will do this!!!
Iv been on a severe diet this year where i lost 3 stone in 12 weeks. It was great until i started eating again and i put a stone back on in 2 weeks, because of this i decided to try SW. However i just dont see how being told you can eat as much as you like (apart from the stuff you weigh) and having breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can help you loose weight! It obviously does work though but how?
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There's a load of blurb behind it, filling up on satisfying foods etc and restricting the high density stuff like bread and cereal and sweet things.
The thing with SW is to trust in it. It does work.
Read the FAQ's bit at the top in the stickys, there's lots of info in there.
Give it a go, enjoy it and reap the rewards!!


I will do this!!!
Im sceptical but i will try. Cheers
It does work and I dont care how, best diet I have ever been on, actually dont even like to call it a diet, cos certainly doesnt feel like one, Id say its more of a change of lifestyle and healthy eating :)
basically it limits your fat content! so less fat = fat burning from your body! no magical formula! just common sense! took me ages to get my head around it but it does work!! i promise! i have lost nearly two stone! i have gone from being overweight to a healthy bmi! am so happy! i love this diet! can eat loads as long as it is the right stuff! xx
That's the problem with fad diets, you can lose the weight quickly but as soon as you come off the diet all the weight goes straight back on. This is because you haven't been taught the correct way to eat. SW isn't a diet as such, it's a healthy way of life, it teaches you how to eat healthily for the rest of your life. You don't come off the diet because you're not on one.

1lb per week loss is completely acceptable with SW as this is a maintained loss and as you will always be eating healthily you will easily be able to keep it off.
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My mum said that she couldn't see how it works either. I just told her to stop looking!!! Now she can look all she wants - at the weight dropping off, week after week!!!!! ;)

But seriously, reasons it works:

Limits high fat / high sugar foods - Syns available.
Limits cereals / breads - HEX b's available
Limits dairy intake - HEX a's available

By encouraging you to fill up on 'free food' ie food that makes you feel fuller, for not too high an amount of calories. This also gets you out of the 'binge' mentality as you are never 'absolutely STARVING' when it comes to meals.

Basically, it's a low fat/low sugar/reduced calorie diet, that makes you eat healthily, enjoy a range of foods and never feel deprived. ie. Makes you eat like a 'NORMAL' person. ;)

Having said all that, usually I don't think about it and just enjoy the rewards !!!!!!


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I don't know/care how it works, all I know is 31.5lbs doesn't lie! Lol. It's gone somewhere and I've been following sw, therefore, SW=works!! Xx
Oh and it's the only "diet" where I've got to a target and maintained that weight loss so it still works for me!!

Please don't be sceptical. If you don't think it will work then you may not follow it 100% - just trust it in, do what it says in the books and it will work. Don't think that you can't eat the foods it says you can because you can!

One last word of advice, forget any other diet you have been on, forget everything you've ever been told about dieting, this is so different :)
This week at my meeting the consultant had some visuals which helped show us how the plan works. She showed a meal of steak and kidney pie, mushy peas and chips, (which I'm sure many of us have enjoyed pre sw). She then showed us pictures of three sw meals, a full english breakfast, jacket potato with egg and ham salad and curry and rice. The three sw meals contained the same calorific value as the one pre plan meal. Thats how it works, high density low fat/calorie meals that keep you full and stop you from picking at the bad stuff :)
Eat what you want and as much as you want according to the plan your following, just don't eat because you can. Listen to your body as to whether it is actually hungry and stop when full. Thats the secret.


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I agree with all the above. We've all been thro this stage. Just suspend your belief and watch the weight roll off!
wow slinky 3 stone in 12 weeks did you stick to plan 100% id love to beable to do that was gonna have a day off after weigh in but thinking 100% all the way lol
Hi Natasha,

Thanks, I have stuck 100% to plan, and I limit my syns to under 5 per day so that I can have a bottle (or two) of wine at the weekends...

Good luck with your SW journey!

I do go swimming a lot too which I think has helped. However, I do think you lose weight more quickly if you have more to lose (I have a lot more to lose than you)
It does work and I dont care how, best diet I have ever been on, actually dont even like to call it a diet, cos certainly doesnt feel like one, Id say its more of a change of lifestyle and healthy eating :)
The key words here are 'change of lifestyle' and 'healthy eating'.

They kinda say it all.

Not easy to achieve, not easy to maintain, but the way forward for most overweight people who are desperate to lose weight and keep it off. We need to find a plan that works for us and then give it our best shot, most days.
thanks slinky my hubby likes to have a drink at home on a friday night so i may try and do the same as you. I dont really like excercise who does but i made myself do 15 mins on the treadmill this morning (nearly killed myself lol). I love swimming but am not confident enough at the moment to wear a swimsuit

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