I just felt like I really need to eat


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Make sure you have extra water. You may find you get a little windy, or possibly an upset tummy. In the long run, better another bar than food, better an extra pack than a bar :)
i know how you feel!! thats what i do! the bars are yummy aren't they?:)
i'm currently planning my meals for when i hit target! seems to get me through, at least i'll be able to eat without the guilt factor! although i won't be able to eat the way i used too ever again (not that i'd want too)!!


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I have been feeling i need to eat for the past few weeks, never cheated, but yesterday i did have 2 bars, 1st time i have ever done that in 7 weeks, like D Q says better another bar than food, so well done 10stonessize10 for getting through another day without eating anything. xx