I Just Had Two Medium Pizzas and Pepsi :(

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  1. CSD

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    I'm male, 32 years old, 5'11", and hovering around 230 lbs.

    My biggest problem is motivation and thus consistency. I can start exercising for a few days to a week, cutting back on food, and then fall back into old habits.

    I work from 7 a.m. until around 4 p.m., sometimes until 5 or 6 p.m., which I always use as a convenient excuse for why I'm not exercising.

    I hate how I look, I'm uncomfortable all the time, always worrying about how people perceive me, I hate going out because of it, I'm just sick of it.

    I thought getting involved in an anonymous online community like this, interacting with people go through the same situation, would help. I'll try to read and post often and hopefully see results soon.
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    Hiya CSD!

    I have the same problem with being motivated and the exercise. I even bought my own Exercise bike, Treadmill and now Vibration plate.. and 2 years on I'm still not weighing any less then I ever have :/

    I recently joined here and if you have a look around youll see the forum is full of motivating ideas, advice and inspiration! Good luck on your weight loss journey :) xx

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