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i just quit Cambridge to start ww


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i quit doing CD on monday, told my counsellor on wed, and have just joined my local ww class, i feel very excited that i can eat food again, my only worry is... that i might not lose weight, because i have not eaten properly since feb 2008. i lost nearly 3 stones though, so i carry on from here. anyone else with a similar story??? i just got fed up and felt that i needed more support.
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I went from CD to SW and found it fairly easy. Lay of the carbs to begin to get your body used to the change then just follow WW and you will be fine. I only gained 1lb in the week from leaving CD to join SW and after 2 weeks of SW i have lost 6lbs. You will succeed xx


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I have changed from LT to slimfast so that i can have shakes and food, so far it seems to be working, 3lb the first week and 2.5lb the second. still got a long way to go tho xx


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Hi I did exactly the same thing. My advice is to do the core plan the first week as carbs such as bread are not really allowed on the day to day eating unless you point.

I lost 2lbs my first week just make sure you get plenty of excersise (another thing I was unable to do on cd) start of slow and work you way forward. Walking briskly for even 20 mins a day helps or swimming twice/3 times per week.

I find heading out for a walk arounbd 8.30 is best as its between 8.30 and 10 I pick at food so I go out for an hour walk and remove the temptation.

Good Luck girl and welcome to weight watchers
I have recently made the transition too, got sick of the guilt trips every time I had a bad day and couldn't stick to SS. At the moment I am going it alone as have all the WW books and will see how I get on, am weighing myself friday mornings so am hopeful of some scale movememnt in the right direction tomorrow as have also been swimming 3 times this weeks so finger's crossed!


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hey hun,welcome i come from cd to ww,and lost 8lb in my first week so you can do it hun x
i've lost most of my weight with cd but had been having the weekend "off for the last few weeks resulting in rubbish loses so decided to try to lose my last 13 lb with ww.. I'm planning on going tomorrow - can anyone tell me if there is free resgistration going at the moment and can i take my 3 year old along to classes??
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Hello and welcome - well done on your loss so far!! Im a newbie to WW so I cant give you much advice but I really like it so far - hope you enjoy it and best of luck!!
Hi highheels,

I recognise you from Pink forum. I too am leaving CD for WW. I have lost 3st on CD but I just cant live on the restriction of the diet any longer.

I am excited about this too. I feel its made me respect food again. I start on Friday. Although I have all the books and calculator from last time I did it so starting tomorrow.

Let me know how you get on?

Hi everyone

I'm about to make the leap from CD to WW as well - just wanted to know if you had any tips on how to avoid putting any weight on when changing from one to the other??? I can't wait to have food again!

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