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I just seen a pic of me...

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hey everyone, i on day 3 and seen on other posts that ppl have taken photos of themselves to see there weigh loss as they go, i thought this was i good idea til i went and done it!

I hate getting my pic taken anyway cos i not happy with the way i look in general. But i have been really positive and buzzing that i am doing this and changing my life finally, but now i just seen the pics i look alot bigger than i thought i did.

My bf says i don't look that bad but this has just knocked me for six now i feeling really low and dissapointed with myself for getting this way.... I just want to eat something. I WONT THOUGH dont worry but now i just feel like crap.

how can i snap out of this, i know it is going to happen i just wish it was done already.... :(:(
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dont be disheartened samantha.
we are often shocked when we see pictures of ourselves. the camera is rarely flattering.
take comfort and pride in the fact that u are no longer the woman in the photo even if u JUST took it, u are changing every minute of the day and night, an ounce here, a centimetre loss there, its all changing and that is the last time u will take a picture of u at that exact size and weight..... u can do this, the picture isnt there to punish u, use it as an inspirational tool.
when u feel low and are struggling, look at it and imagine those lumps and bumps not being there. as time goes on (quicker than u think) take more pictures and feel ur pride soar as u see the comparisons.
gl hun,
u CAN do this.:)


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Ah I know just how you feel, photos are awful when you're unhappy with your size. You need to use the shock you felt when you saw it in a positive way, you want your next set of photos to be a pleasant experience, not a terrible reality check!
I got my husband to take my 'before' photos when I was on Day 1 of LT, I am nearly halfway through my weight loss and I haven't even looked at them yet! Too much of a chicken lol.

Don't worry, you'll be at target before you know it, then you will never fear a camera again, because you're going to look fantastic! :D


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My daughter and I took photos of each other the day before we started. Mine was horrible. I've always hated having my picture taken. I may take some "in-between" ones though, just - as Cheryl says - for inspiration.


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Just think Sam about how great your "after" pic will look xxx

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Sexy abs....sooon !
thanks guys.... i think i just needed to give myself a shake and realise, this is the whole reason i doing this duh! anyway the photos are banished for now although prob still get my bf to take them but sure as hell not gonna look at them till i down a couple of stone LOL

thanks everyone x

sam x


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my OH took some before photos, and they don't look half as bad as the casual snap shots taken when I was smaller! LOL! The one I found yesterday was really mortifying cos I really didn't think I was that much bigger than my sil at that time. In fact she had complained that she had gained weight and nothing fit her. So in my oblivian I gave her a couple of pairs of my cropped trousers. They were too big for her.......
Hey I went through the same thing when I started I was soo hurt and upset I didn't realise how bad I got... But now I thank them so much as I have just got them out and it has really given me the boost to get the last few stone off. like tracey those after photos will blow you away when you get them done xxxxxx
I know exactly how you feel hun and it can be really distressing. I turned it on its head and rather than allowing it to make me feel down I used it to motivate myself to continue. Yes the picture was awful but I was in control and doing something about it, use it as tool to help you succeed!!


Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
wow porgeous, look at you !!! you have done amazing, i think i gonna still get snaps taken regulary but not look at them for a while hey with any luck i'll have results like you x

all is well i am motivated again, and i on day 4.... go me :) ( sorry about that!)

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