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i just want to eat


My 3 Furry Amigos
Well you haven't started your lighterlife yet, so whats stopping you from eating something healthy ???

I'm on day 67 and i'd love to chew the leg of one of my dogs, but I won't
maybe its not the right diet for you then, i know what you mean though, I've been like that i chose the wrong food sometimes or i dont eat enough.


My 3 Furry Amigos
i think im more upset when i do start lighter life how am i going to deal with this
Hey Hippychicken, why don't you concentrate on the now, instead of the future maybe's....who knows if your going to struggle, LighterLife is set up with support and help along the way, the aim is to get you into ketosis so you won't feel hungry, if you think you can't then you can't, but if you think you can then YOU CAN :p
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Hi ya, its just nerves, honestly you will get all the counselling you need with Lighterlife and support on here is fantastic. As soon as you get into ketosis you will no longer be hungry and the counselling you receive will make you realise that the feelings you do have are emotional and there are ways to recognise and understand it.

I promise that you will be okay nad the time flys by so quickly, I cannot believe i have just finished my foundation part of LL and have lost nearly 4 stone.

Good luck, keep your chin up, it is so worth the effort in the end. Keep us posted xx

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