I Just Wanted To Say To All Of You On Here..


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I have spent the last week or two browsing, asking questions and slowly becoming more active on this board.

I have found the posts by many of you, answers to my questions, your support for each other and the general atmosphere on this LighterLife board amazing.

I know I am a while away from joining you all in understanding what you are going through - but all I can say is that I hope you all stick around long enough for me to share my story with you, for me to be supportive and understanding to yourselves and to join you bunch of merry losers ;)

All of your stories are inspirational to myself and I'm sure many like me. I have spent days reading your personal blogs and looking at your pictures - and each one I see or read invigorates my desire to head into this journey with 100%.

So, really, to you all I'd like to say thank you.

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aaaaw.. thats such a cute post.. =).. glad you have felt at home in th lighterlife bit.. they're all verrrrry nice.. hehe..
im not a lighterlifer.. but i can tell you the whole of minimins is lovely too.. hehe..

x x x


Do a little dance!
S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
Oh, and I'm sure it is, what I have experienced of this board in general is the network every "fat kid" in school could have ever dreamed of!.. I do lurk in some certain areas, juts homed in on this one since making my VLCD choice.

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AW, thats sweet Em. THis is an amazing site. ANd it is every "fat kids" dream come true to have a network of people who actually understand - truly - what it is like to be thje "fat kid" - doesn;t matter how old you are - you feel it.

Glad you found MM, and as Kitteh said, the whole of the site is amazing, and you will get to know others too. :)

Excited for what lies ahead for you!



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I did cd in the past (also a vlcd) so i do understand.. they are fantastic diets.. they really are.. seeing some amazing inspirations on here..
i wish you all the best doll and i hope to see you post looooads more..

x x


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Hi Em :)

It's lovely to read how much you are enjoying the site so far and feeling at home..

Lacey..xx :)


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Flattery will get you everywhere !!

Hi Em
I know you've got to wait a while before you start in Jan, but your attitude will see you through. I see that you have started to think about the issues you said you didn't want to address yet.
By the time you start LL your head will be in the right place.
This is so much more than a diet .
Prepare to be amazed by yourself.
Everyone on here will continue to be supportive, you can be sure of that.
You'll do it. You've got the right attitude.
Good luck xxx:girlpower:


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I love it on here and it really does help if your a little down or fed up cause the guys on here will cheer you up! The advice also is invaluable and I personally couldn't do without it!!


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Yep, minimins rocks. And the best thing is that any time you're having a moment of insecurity or weakness, there is always someone here to help you out!

B x


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Em, I am only on my third week of CD, I too was inspired by the fantastic weighlosses and the support out there. If it wasnt for this site I would have given up by Day 3!
I post everyday usually around tea time and later on in the evening when my fingers want to roam in the fridge and cupboards.

Good Luck


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Hi Em!! I am so happy you found this forum - it really is a place that has become my virtual home over the last few months - and I am not going anywhere - I have about another three months to go on abstinence and then RTM etc... so if you ever need an ear to bend, I'd be more than happy to assist.

You do seem really fired up for starting and I have no doubt that you will do brilliantly :)


Anna xxx

lil miss mummy

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I totally agree, I am a newbie and have been on LL 5 days and the support is invaluable. I hope that I can be of as much help and tlc as everyone on here has already been to me!

I am sure you will do fantastically well- you are obviously ready for this and determination is the majority of the battle!