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I just...

Ate a bit of chunky chicken(from tesco) one tiny bit with a crumb(skinless - no breadcrumbs or anything)...and then was sick and it was like flourescent yellow bile ...it was like a disco in the loo...
I think it was because I knew one small piece wouldnt hurt. I will never do it again now but hey I tried it :)
Hope everyone has a lovely day :D xxxx
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One last chance
Don't ever do it again! LOL kidding, but seriously, I hope you're feeling better.

Why is it always the chicken people tend to cheat with? lol.
Because subconciously you know you can have chicken if you really need to eat anything because its not a "sin" and wont boot you out of ketosis. (well hopefully).
Thankyou though- I wasnt feeling ill in the first place, probably my mind thinking what on earth was that i just ate lol. xxxx
hey, gosh r u ok?that is a pretty extreme reaction.xx
Im fine, who knows why i ewacted that way. The yellow could have been bacteria from my mouth - it just isnt pleasent in the morning when brushing you teeth. Extreme...however I have been having really bad earache so unless theres some sort of infection connection between my ear nose and throat? Who knows..Im not too worried though. But thankyou for your concern.
And FBTB i shall never do it again :) xxx
lol correction reacted - wtf is ewacted


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ahhhh you naughty girl!!!!!!!!!!!

consider your wrists slapped!!!!

that being said, hope you are ok after puking what i imagine the colour of a glowstick! lol
Well, hope your much better now, but that has certainly put me off of cheating!!!!
You know summergirl it was exactly like a glow stick lol...:) Good way to describe it..least it wasnt the pink ones. xx


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haha now that wouldve looked even worse!!

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