I know this is a longshot but...


The Diet Guy

Planning on getting a tattoo on my forearm and I have a design in my mind.

I am THE most unarty person on gods earth but can do a rough sketch.

The tattoo man would require a proper sketch and just wondered if there was anyone on here super arty who could design it into something I can take with me.

Long shot I know but thought I would try!


take your rough sketch and ask the tattoist what you are looking for - if hes any good (and he/she will be) then BINGO

assuming no one can help. am hopeless at art myself.

Thanks Ivy

Wasn't sure if they would!

I only have 1 tattoo and the guy said I had to choose from his book!! Not going there anywhere but assumed that you had to take a proper design in.

When I had mine last last month I told him what sort of thing I wanted and he drew it straight onto my shoulder.

I liked it so had it done there and then!!

The chap I went to prefers the unique ones...but does do the ones of of the books too.

And.....so he said but do I believe him...he's done one of David Beckhams tattoos

Hey Mike - any tat artist worth his/her salt will be able to do you a draft design based on you just talking them through what you want.

For my tats, I researched loads of studios on the net and found people whose style I really liked - every artist will have their own distinctive style and would ink a standard design differently to someone else.

For my first one, I drew a very rough sketch, took in some seed packets (lol - I wanted my kids' birth flowers) and the chappie knocked me up a lush pic which I loved!

For my second, I took in a tat design and told her how I wanted it changed and she also suggested some changes to make it look even better - the result was perfect as it was a bit of me and a bit of her - as it were! lol

I personally wouldn't lay my skin bare to someone who only wanted to do standard designs. You've got to take your ink to the grave!! It's got to be unique!!

Good luck and let us see a pic when you have it done, hey?

Will do! Jo and I arguing as she doesn't want me to have another one but have told her that everyone on here agreed it was a great idea!

So if she comes on and asks you all said it would look stylish and not at all "bullseye"


The TAs are used to people going to them with 'vague' ideas. I think they like it because it allows them to be creative.

I am in the process of deciding what I want next, but I'm still at the "I know what I DON'T like" stage, rather than where I need to be, "I know what I DO like"

It's exciting eh. Almost as exciting as having your 1st toffee CD bar :D

Good luck with your quest mate. If you get stuck, you could always go for the Moose wearing a Snood, standing on an Iceberg. No, well alright then, you can't help some people. ;)
Good idea to have it after weight loss, i have a rather distorted tigger after losing weight and 2 pregnancies !!!!
I am super arty!? :)

I am a graphic designer... but also reaaaally good with ilustration! If you do need some help I am more than happy to offer my assistance... I am sure that the tatooist might be able to help u out tho! If not... then I will if u need it!

Lol - BBFM - you should have kept quiet about that - you'll have us all wanting you to design our new tats LMTO!!!!!

(and invitations/thank you cards/business cards etc etc etc)

Mike, have you tried the tattooist in gorlston, its on the main street, its been all done up, when we are down there its where we always go and Im sure he would do it
Thats Joe's tattoos he is really good and he is awesome freehand he did 1 of mine and my sisters, brother in laws all freehand ( had my tongue pierced there too ! )

Good luck Mike is it british bulldog then lmao !
Or a canaries badge ! (farewell mr worthington ) lol
Just a suggestion
Mmm!! Where is that on Gorleston high street then? I mean I know Gorleston high street but can't remember seeing it ?


As far as I can remember its opposite a cafe that looks a bit minging but does a banging lunch!!! Its quite far down the high street. The other end from the toy shop. It looks like a hair dressers from the outside, its all been done up and doesnt look like your average tattoo parlour!!!!

Bearing in mind I live four hours away then thats a great description!!!!!!
you've had the advice i'd have given ;)

Look forward to seeing your new tat! :p
I want a new one, but want it on the inside of my wrist ... so am chickening out at the moment as I know it'll bloody hurt! lol

Might get it for xmas.... should've gotten it when my wrists were fatter! lol