I know this is probably a wierd question but...

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  1. mrs r-b

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    I've noticed on my tummy, thighs and top of my legs that I have excess skin when I pinch myself. Particularly on my tum if I pinch my skin theres a lot of spare skin there!!! I have lost 12.5 inches in total from my arms legs and tum so I guess that this is only normal due to the weight loss.
    Will my skin catch back up with my new slimmer frame? Does anyone else have the same problem or am I just wierd? :sigh:
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  3. flirty40greeneyes

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    You are very normal!!

    Your skin has stretched to accomodate extra weight and sometimes it goes back other times not. Try exercising - arms benefit from holding a tin in each hand and raising your arms up and down, it may help shift it - but sometimes it's down to the elasticity of your skin.
  4. sleepybird

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    You aint on your own mate!! x
  5. kirst

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    Try and exercise to tone up
  6. Katycakes

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    I worried about this when I started out as I got stretchmarks during both of my pregnancies... so wasn't confident my skin would handle weight loss well. So... have used body-butter (Boots or Body Shop) after bath/shower religiously during my CD journey. I've never used body lotion of any kind before, but feel it has helped & also like the pampering sensation! And skin seems to be coping OK. Try it if it's not already part of your routine... some people swear by bio-oil, too. Good luck!

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