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i know this sounds stupid but whats a...


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It's a non stick silicone paper that you can use to line tins to stop the food sticking.

Bit like a modern day 'greaseproof' paper equivalent :)


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greese proof paper i would assume grease a baking tray, cut out some greased proff paper and put in greased tin then grease that, sounds like someone is baking.



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baking parchment?
Baking parchment is a non-stick paper used to line tins or trays t prevent cake or bsicuit mixtures from sticking to the tin. Unlike greaseproof paper, baking parchment does not need to be greased before using.
thanks wud i b able 2 get sum at the co op or spar?


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snap! LOL:giggle:
thanks may ave 2 go get some thanks all
Greaseproof is normally white and if you are microwaving the bars or making crisps they stick to it. Baking paper is brown and nothing sticks to it both come in a roll like cooking foil.


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My baking parchment came from Tesco, but I did notice the other day they sell a re-usable "Magic" liner, heatproof and non-stick to line your plates (or what ever) with. Anyone tried it?

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