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I know u ' all wont be amused!


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Why do you want to eat?

What is your end goal Lii? Why do you want to be slimmer?

Serena A

Can't think of a title
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From a recent posting, it looks like this might be ok...;)


Seriously though, there's an Atkins forum which will give you lots of low carb ideas. Just remember that CD is first and foremost a low calorie diet so low-carb or not you will probably affect your weightloss (not to mention the effect it has on your mindset).
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Serena is right. I nibbled on cheese but at the end of the day it has calories in that will effect weight loss. Have you got any of the CD bars? You can happily nibble on them.


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If you really must nibble, then Celery, cucumber... essentially green stuff.... but it is best not nibble if you possibly can.

My sister used to reach for wafer thin ham/ chicken/ turkey slices... she always had fabulous losses... I can get away with NOTHING!!!:jelous:


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Have an SS+ meal. Small amount of chicken and green veg. It should get rid of the craving and keep you on the diet.


please try again
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if your having trouble sticking to ss have you thought about moving up to ss+ or even 810?


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Maybe you need to speak to your CDC and possibly do SS+, it allows you bit more than on SS, proper food :)

Don't forget you chose CD for a reason, maybe have a coffee and a nice large drink of water to make those food cravings go away, or perhaps split your packs so you have 6 meals not 3?

The bars are a Godsend (IMO), I cut mine up into peices and have throughout the day. The peanut ones defo need chewing too.


p.s. not being patronising, just spurring you on mate


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I would nibble on chicken and celery but from past experience the idea of it is always more satisfying than the food actually tastes.

When I am in the right head space if I get the urge to nibble I just distract myself and the next day I'm fine. It probably won't affect your losses or kick you out of ketosis but it definitely affects your head if you start eating, it does tend to spiral (as I'm sure others on here would agree/confirm) and it's much harder to get back into SS so I would try and stick to it as long as possible. if you really can't then maybe look at moving up to SS+ or 810?

Good luck with whatever you decide xx


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Agree with the spiralling Lexy - on previous diets my nibble one day became part of the diet the next, then i added a new nibble, and so it went on - hence I'm on CD - the rules are clear and absolute (& personally I need the discipline). Tx
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hi 'all thanjk you for rhe words of wisdom. I have not made up my mind on how to cheat and beenon ss for the past 2 days contemplating it so I might as well stay SSing .

Thanks you for your help ple.

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