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I know what you ate last summer


Gone fishing
Anyone watch it?

It was on last Wednesday, and Tivo decided to record it for me even though I hadn't put it down. It sussed that it would appeal to me :D. Ahhh technology...it's great innit.

Anyway, the programme

Six overweight British teenagers say goodbye to junk food for eight weeks and embard on a ioneering wilderness weight-loss course in California

It was good. Part 2 on Wednesday at 8:00 Channel 5

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Awwwwwwww.what channel is it on??? Maybe it'll be repeated?

You have Tivo??!!

I'm soooooo jealous. Sky were helping UK Tivo customers back in the day and they were dead pesky and obviously had boxes to play with hey presto!! Sky+ box!!! I think thats very norty!

Tivo is better though....intelligent little beastie.....although I'm sure I'll get fired for saying that :D


Gone fishing
I luuuurrrve my Tivo. Very badly marketed over here.

Don't quite understand what you said about sky+:confused: and do you work for them along with uni stuff?


Tivo didn't have any tech help over here, so Sky kinda volunteered to take their calls.....they had some Tivo boxes to help them understand and pretty much knicked the technology apart from the linking bit. You just record what you want - you can do 2 channels at once and link to record a whole series and rewind and pause live tv and stuff. I do love my sky+ box at my parents house - they love it more than me!!!

I am a minion for Murdoch......I work on the weekends for them in a random Department called "Business Partners" - thats cause we used to take calls for TV X, Adult Channel, Man United TV, Setanta sports - not sky stuff but now we've pretty much got rid off all that so I'm all Freesat, Sky interactive, Sky Anytime (on pc, mobile, and web), SkyNet, Sky.com website, Marketing Contributions, prem plus booking, some random football websites like Arsenal tv online and all sorts of other rubbish.

Phone for any of those and if you get a Nicole on the weekend between 8.30 and 5....thats me......:)


Gone fishing
Velly interesting. I know it wasn't promoted over here, but it's big in the US. I've thought about changing to sky+ because it will record two channels at once, but there seems to be more reasons to stay with Tivo, so I probably will until it dies.

Sort of got attached to it anyway. We got it when it first came out. Long before Sky+ It's so easy to use, and has become a part of the family now:p

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