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What would you do?

I'm getting more and more concerned that my CDC really isn't the best :( She also informed me on Monday that she's planning on quitting after the summer as it's eating into her time with her family.

Firstly, I went to her for the first time last Wednesday. She then changed my weigh in day to Monday, so my first weigh in was after 5 days. She made a point of saying if I needed her at all, just call or send her a text, "any time."

Firstly, she gave me a product which I hadn't asked for in error so I texted her to ask to swap it for the one I'd wanted, she finally texted me back two days later saying she'd leave it outside her front door for me to swap. Obviously, I hadn't tried any of the products before and there were two products that actually made me want to vomit, so I texted her on the Friday morning and asked to change them. She texted me back saying that it really wasn't convenient to change them and that if i really needed to, she could leave the replacements outside her front door for me on the Sunday morning. I texted her back saying this would mean I'd have to eat one of the things I didn't liek for breakfast on the Sunday... to which she ignored that text. So I ended up having the better of the nasty ones Sunday morning and did my swap later on Sunday.

My weigh in was on Monday evening. I read the book over the week, and realised there were a few things that didn't make sense. For example, I'm 5ft 3in and she told me to have 4 packs a day (according to the book, I should have 3), she's told me that I can't have a splender in my tea (but the book says I can?), She says I can't have the odd diet coke, but again the book says I can?

This is all leaving a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Do you think I should find a new consultant now rather than wait until the end of the summer or rely on you guys to get it right?

Any and all advice would be appreciated :)

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If I was you, I'd be looking for a new consultant! If you aren't happy with the support then don't wait, switch now.

Hope you find one soon



Girl on a mission
Defo start looking for a new cdc, if you're not happy with her at start of your journey why continue with her knowing she's quitting. I'd continue to use her till i found another cdc then say to her you want someone more supportive:)
I agree, they are meant to be there to support and help you and she doesnt sound that great. I will only go to a CDC if I like them and get on with them. As you want someone you can relate and talk too
I am also in agreement. First of all your CDC must put you on the correct plan. If you are only 5' 3' then you should only be getting three products unless you are doing SS +. This is very basic and she should not get this wrong.

Also if she sais that you can contact her anytime she should be available for this. Although we are also here anytime for support, it would be good to have a trained professional to ask for further 'correct' advice.

I think that your gut feeling is what you should go for if you are not happy with the service you are getting then change CDC's. Do you have any others available close to you?
she sounds awful! if i were you id change find some one you are comfortable with and feels like a friend. cd is mentally as hard as it is to physically do and you need some one there who will fully support you and not make you feel like you are being a pain. big loves hope it goes ok xxx
mystic magic, what area of london are you in, my cdc has just had to move to london bridge area, she is totally amazing and i consider her a good friend now. if that is helpful i can send you her details as i dont think they have been updated on the cd website yet x
Giving incorrect advice so as to sell more product? Leaving packs outside the door for you to collect? Scandalous behaviour that I am sure the company she represents would find appalling.

Change CDC as quickly as you can. Good luck!
I am very new to this but it feels like i have been going for a week already (this is day four) its a hard thing to commit to if like me u love food! I could not have done it without my consultant already. I had my first appointment on last friday and she has rang twice and been into my work to swap food packs twice!!! This is a diet where u absolutely need the support she sounds like she needs reporting to the company and find a new consultant!! You deserve better. Good luck xxx
mystic magic, what area of london are you in, my cdc has just had to move to london bridge area, she is totally amazing and i consider her a good friend now. if that is helpful i can send you her details as i dont think they have been updated on the cd website yet x

Thanks :) I'm actually in Hertfordshire... on the outskirts of outer London. London bridge is miles away :(

Everyone else, thank you so much - I think I'll start investigating my options. She hasn't called me once to see how I'm doing :(
I've emailed my old consultant telling her it's not working and have arranged my next weigh in on Monday with a new one!

Really hoping she's everything she seemed on the phone!

Thank you for all your guidance *hugs*

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hope the new cdc is great! x
i imagine this regime is difficult enough without having erratic support. Change now before it impacts upon your feelings about this diet.

Thank you all so much :)

I did change and I think I made the right choice.

She's lovely and really seems to know what she's talking about :)

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