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My CDC has let me down badly and i don't know what to do

So much for the re-start last Monday.

I'll explain from the top...i moved to Bristol and have been searching for a CDC. I emailed all potential cdcers to find the closest to my area, as i do not drive.
All the cdcers contacted me back quite quickly but were all too far away for me to possibly get to. But one cdc contacted me and explained that she went to clients homes because she was in lodgings. Great, i thought. We arranged for last Monday. She didn't show up. I emailed her to see whether she got lost or had forgotten. 3 days later i got a reply, she was unwell and was sorry. We all get ill, so i happily accepted it and re-arranged for the wednesday.
Again on the Wednesday there was a no show. I emailed her and said i hoped she was well (assuming she was still unwell) I heard nothing from her until the sunday when she emailed explaining that my emails were all in her junk folder and she had only noticed it in there when she went in to delete it. Strange i thought, but i know how technology can be, so gave her the benefit of the doubt. We re-arranged for Tuesday (i couldn't make monday)
For the third time this counsellor did not show up at my home at 4.30 as arranged and agreed with her only two days before!
I sent an email on tuesday evening, when it was clear she wasn't going to show up. I tried to be nice in the email, but i had to put this lady in my position. Like most of you, the reason we are here is because we are desperate to loose weight and quickly. I am getting married in August and need to shift my weight. I thought a way of getting through to her would be to explain my situation.

"I am very committed to starting this diet and hopefully carrying it through to the end. I get married in August. I really need a cdc who is committed to helping me too. This is an important part of the diet in order for me to succeed. If you can not committ yourself please say, and i can approach and make arrangements to see another cdc."

I recieved a reply from her the next day saying how sorry she was, and she could definately make thursday (yesterday) as it is her day off from work, and the day she focuses on most of her clients. (If only she had told me this before i thought) So we arranged for 5.00pm when i knew i'd be home from work.

For some reason i thought in my head that she would definately show up this time - such a convincing email.

I have now officially given up on this CDC. All she has done is mess me about for 2 weeks. I keep thinking what if i had seen her once, started the diet and ran out of shakes, how would i cope with being shakeless for 2 weeks.

Now i'm back to square one. Unable to find a CDC that is local to me. Most of them are at least 30 mins (driving) away. So would take me an hour easily on foot. I've been on the website and contacted all the cdc's in Bristol, none are close to me.

I just cant believe that a cdc would let me down so many times. I just don't know what to do next.
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Aww...i feel for you want2bthin! If she didn't have the time to take you on as a new client she should have told you. Hang in there!

You could request a weigh in every 2 wks or so with the CDCs that are 30mins away. That way you only have to make the long trip once every 2 wks. Are there buses that go that way?

I hope you manage to sort something out. Keep us posted!


Queen of the Damned
Sorry to hear you have been so let down. Have you looked into whether there are any CDCs near where you work? Just a thought - I really hope you manage to sort something out. :hug99:
Hiya, omg that cdc sounds awful. Id nearly go as far as reporting her. That is 2weeks you could be on this diet and have lost nearly a stone. Totally unfair. Sorry I cant give any advice im in ireland my cdc is 2hr drive away so i get weighed with her every couple of weeks. She posts me my stuff well in advance too. Maybe this is something you could do?

I hope you get sorted soon and congrats on the wedding :)

xx becky xx
You must be furious .... it takes so much to get in the right mindset to get started on an extreme diet like this, the last thing you need is to be mucked about. I would definitely report the lady to Cambridge Diet management - she should not be a "counsellor".

No wonder people pay well over the top for CD and LL stuff on Ebay!

If you contact CD direct they may know of a new counsellor not listed on the website.

Good luck. 5 months until August, so the potential of 5 stone.


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Have you told CD about this on the homepage ? You need to tell them who it was and then they can strike her off as a CDC because it will keep happening , hope you get some Joy with CD when you call them
Thanks for all your support guys. I think you are all right that i should report the lady to CD.

A part of me is so angry, but if i'm honest i'm just so upset. It took a lot for me to get my willpower back to re-start the diet. I'm one of these people that needs a cdc supporting me to help me thru. Honestly without someone to help me in the tough times, kick me up the arse when im having a bad week, there is no way i would succeed on the diet.

I've kept my willpower and am still wanting to desperately get on with the diet. I'm just so MAD :mad: that i could have lost 2 weeks worth of pounds. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Lisa Marie

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She's had more than enough chances , I would def report her to CD. I know some ladies have their packs posted to them perhaps another CDC could arrange this and you could weigh yourself.
if i was u i would report he to cambridge and then gte intouch with one of the other cdc and see about all going to see them every 2 or even 4 weeks and get them to post the stuff out to u but dont give up and keep trying ashley xx


Cambridge Counsellor
That's quite shocking. I'd be furious if I waited in that many times for someone and they kept letting me down!

Hopefully Linda's suggested cdc will be helpful to you. If not, then you should try phoning Cambridge direct, as not every counsellor has their details on the website.

Jo x
Its no problem I know counsellors all over the uk I just contacted one in Bristol and hopefully she can help.

When you need your supplies you need your supplies and I cannot understand how the counsellor has not at least passed her number on to another one in the area.