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I know you will all be sweet but I need a telling off

Ok I confess last night I ATE I had a sandwich and then tomatoes on toast.

I felt so bad and like I was starving the food made me feel better and I took a handful of laxitives after to try and get rid of it(worrying behaviour)

I honestly felt like I was starving, I tried to eat a bar but it just made me feel sick.I don't know if it is these epilepsy tablets but I am struggling to get 4 food packs down a day.I understand that is probably why I felt so bad last night

I need to know I can do this but at the momment am finding it so hard

If I don't loose this week I think well what the hell is the point because I can't live like this forever I do need to eat in the future and if one screw up makes me not loose then how can I ever keep the weight off

This probably the hardest thing I have ever done and I am just so scared


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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Awww Samseal don't punish yourself, it was a blip, get straight back on the wagon, you know you can do it.
Put it behind you & move on.


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Sam put this behind you now, dont stress over it or you will just give in......You had a blip dont make it into a landslide.
Try to get your head into the right way of thinking, think where you would like to be in a few months time.

Please get back on track today and make sure you drink plenty of water, hopefully the damage wont be too bad....!

Be strong ...xxxx
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Ok now deep breath and drink lots & lots of water - put the sandwich situation out of your mind - it is done and you cannot change that, what you can do is change your behaviour towards food from now on.

Your mind is playing all sorts of games with you trying to get you to eat - DO NOT LET IT WIN you can and will do this, beleive in yourself. Imagine yourself at your goal weight - it will be here before you know it I promise.

It will be tough at times, but keep coming on here & we will all be here for you, I am concerned at the laxatives so do not do that again - if you do then speak to your doctor the last thing you need is an eating disorder.

I am not sure how far you are into the programme but it is normal to go through these emotions, you may have been using food as a crutch in the past and now you do not have it you are feeling vunerable and emotional - it is rarely about physical hunger, it is what our mind is telling us.

Thats the nicest telling off I can offer - I do hope it helps, please feel free to PM me if you need any support.

Stick with it you know yoou can do it


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Sam, the eating something we shouldn't have ... most of us have done - and on that note it is a case of plenty of water and straight back on the diet.
The laxatives is a more worrying sign ... and I really would strongly suggest you didn't do that again - infact get rid of them! That is not a good route to go down and can lead to all kinds of problems.

Any VLCD is hard hard hard - but the results are fantastic. You've done well so far - so stick with it - loads of water, go on go and get another glass now, come on here if you need support and you'll do well.
Thanks you lot see I knew you would be sweet

Skinny I am in my 6th week and I promise I won't do the laxative thing again.I have rotten tummy ache and have been running to the loo all morning

Am glugging water and will have a pack in a little while

onwards and upwards



escaping the fat
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No Sam, onwards and DOWN wards!!
Come on you can do it.
Hi Sam... I've just posyed that I've had a terrible few days and I'm on my 5th week.. But I'm determind to stick at it.. Come on lets do it together!!!

We can be thin!!! We will....

PM me if you want? We can support each other... SCW3 xxxx
Sam as the others have all said, just forget about what you've ate and get yourself straight back into abstinence. You'll feel worse if you keep thinking about what you've ate.

Hopefully you're feeling better today, you've been through a really rough time I know ---- just shout anytime you want to chat.

Aww big hgs...seems that week 5 & 6 are tough! I'm just finidhing week 5 & its been really hard...jut out it behind you (no pun intended) & move on & dont do the laxatives again - its not good for you & one leads to another...not the answer! You're doing the right thing with LL sorting the head stuff out but it takes time to sort through the stuff so be gentle with yourself for the odd slip....just dont let it escalate into a downward spiral...! Hang in there girl, you CAN do it!

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