I know your not suppose to but!


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Yes they may well do harm. Remember, the programme has been created the way it has because it works. Anything extra or different you have will affect the results, and you need to consider whether it is really worth it. Stick with the packs and your water, and you can't go wrong.


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My only concern would be that sometimes even when im sticking 100% to the diet, my weight stays the same or sometimes jumps up a pound(?)but annoying as it is, i know that i must be losing weight due to the calories im consuming. If i was choosing different substitutions and this was happening, id be worrying that it was the replacements causing the scales issues. Best of luck with it anyway x


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I have to agree - 3 packs = your total daily requirements for vitamins & minerals, if you swap any then you will get less than you need. The only thing the diet lacks is calories it's not worth messing about with it, you will only end up feeling rubbish.


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Must admit the bars are gritty and the porridge stipulates it is not to
be used as a meal replacement. Think Ill stick to what I know!